Clutch Cargo


The name of Marla’s new business is a shout out to this weird, all-but-forgotten, adventure cartoon from the early 60s. Cartoon people with real mouths … nothing creepy about that.


8 thoughts on “Clutch Cargo

  1. Clutch Cargo was one of several “animated” shows from the 1960s. Space Angel was another. Both used the mostly static pictures with actor’s lips being inserted. One late night show used the technique, I think Conan, but with photographs of famous people. The shows were run on local kid’s shows, spaced between live action pieces. If you are lucky, you can find a few episodes of the shows at $1.00 stores on DVD.

    I guess it is good that she isn’t opening a scuba shop, Diver Dan, a show using marionettes of fish and filmed through a fish tank with live fish to look as though it was underwater. Sponge Bob fans might notice the occasional Diver Dan reference, a tombstone in once instance.

  2. I mentioned this to a co-worker today, he actually remembers this show from when it was originally on the air! BTW David, you are right, it was Conan that does this and there was even Krusty the Clown ripped it off when Marge Simpson lost it and went on the lamb trying to stay out of jail for something (I think it was trying to off the Bus Otto the bus driver’s Ex, but I can’t remember for sure).

  3. It was a technique called Synchro-Vox that utilized the live lips to drawings.

    The production was handled by a company called Cambria Studio, which did a bunch of terrible cartoons. One of them was an animated “3 Stooges” series (which thankfully didn’t have live-action lips, although the animation was still terrible even by TV standards)

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