GIL Returns to Providence Journal Sunday Comics Page



Happy Mother’s Day! I’m happy to finally be able to announce that GIL has returned. Starting today, GIL has returned as a Sunday-only feature in the Providence Journal.

After receiving a ton of mail from disappointed readers, The ProJo reached out to me and offered to take GIL back to their Sunday comic page.

From The Providence Journal:

“Our announcement Jan. 5 that cartoonist Norm Feuti would no longer produce his syndicated comic strip “Gil” brought anguished outcries from hundreds of readers.

They emailed to discuss, many in passionate depth, why the departure of this strip about a chubby young boy with a single mother and a smarter best friend had left them bereft. They talked about the strip’s warmth, mixed with a clearheaded view of childhood, and about each character as though they were old friends. Remarkable in a strip we’d carried for only two years.”

If you’re a fan of GIL living in southern New England, go get yourself today’s ProJo and help usher in GIL’s return! To everyone who contacted The Journal to tell them how much you miss GIL, my sincere thanks.

Today’s GIL comic is dedicated to you, Rhode Island!

…and Mothers of course.


18 thoughts on “GIL Returns to Providence Journal Sunday Comics Page

  1. Yeah Norm! That’s great news! Is there a chance that us non-New England folks will be able to see these strips? *I hope… I hope…I hope…

  2. I had emailed the editor of Projo and he acted like they had no intention of keeping Gil or retail in the mix, glad he or they changed their minds.

  3. Oh, thank heaven! Gil was another great strip, and I’m glad it’s coming back. Hope it gets the chance to go 7 days a week before too incredibly long. I’ll schedule a video at some point this summer.

  4. !!!!!! I’m so happy to see Gil back! I’m almost 20 years older than him, and I want to be Gil when I grow up.

  5. HOORAY! Our Gil is back!!!
    You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I read that Gil is back! I am sooooo glad you’re going to put Gil online so folks like me in Illinois can continue reading. Here’s to hoping Gil returns daily to the funny pages where he belongs. Until then, Sundays will have to do to tide me over. 😀

  6. This is fantastic news, Norm, and congratulations! I’ll be eager to start reading “Gil” again and have bookmarked your other site. Perhaps Comics Kingdom will continue showing it as well–and certainly hope that is the case with other papers out there.

  7. Please sign up on so we can support your work on Gil directly! I would be happy to pledge a small amount every month for your work. Keith Knight did this recently and it appears to have been very successful! People can pledge as little as $!/month. Much less than buying a newspaper!

  8. I wait every week for my Sunday Providence Journal to arrive just so I can get my “GIL” fix each week. Love, love this strip.

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