Intelligent Life!


IL_PRESENTATION_PAGE_1_newHey, comic fans! My good friend, and super-talented cartoonist David Reddick is launching a new comic strip with King Features called Intelligent Life!

INTELLIGENT LIFE is a comic strip that revolves around a set of characters who very much exist in this world of geek/pop culture, and it gives us a good laugh as we nod knowingly at their antics.

The strip follows the personal life, the work life, the hobbies and obsessions of Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry, and glimpses the mania of our world.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t be surprised – this is the modern world we all share. INTELLIGENT LIFE celebrates the geek in all of us.


Intelligent Life launches in newspapers on July 7th, but the website is live as of today, with a teaser comic and lots more! Go check it out!


4 thoughts on “Intelligent Life!

  1. Thanks for tipping me off to this one, Mr. Feuti! I’ve bookmarked it, it looks hilarious and right up my family’s alley!! Now I have THREE awesome comics to check every morning and kickstart my work day (Dilbert, Retail, and Intelligent Life). 🙂

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