On Being Topical


content.phpOne of the challenges of having to work so far ahead of your publishing date. I wrote this comic in August, after observing that stores were already stocking Halloween candy. Of course, it loses some impact running in September … when it’s not quite so crazy. As I recall, there’s a Market Basket reference coming up this week too. Ugh. It’s hard to be topical in a newspaper comic.


7 thoughts on “On Being Topical

  1. Norm I agree with you. Even Sept 15 when this is running is still way too early to put out Halloween candy.

    In fact our local Sears is putting up Christmas trees. I told them way too early. They said way too late. They were up in August last year.

  2. At least life is not like the episode of Sliders S03 E12 “Season’s Greedings” where Christmas is purely commercial all year round.

  3. Hank Stevens- I take it Fred Meyers is a grocery chain? At least that store honors Thanksgiving. Too many stores go straight from Halloween to Christmas.

  4. Just this weekend a couple was (loudly) having nearly the same conversation at the grocery store. I couldn’t figure out if they were being serious, or if they were just fans of the strip doing a little role play.

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