10 thoughts on “The Grumbel’s Matrix

  1. OMG our training videos would be 1 minute long if we didn’t have to sit through this ‘Avatar’ type stuff. Give me one sheet of paper with the 3 things listed that are actually covered in the training and I can have the entire store trained in 1 minute. Instead, we all have to sit through hours and hours of ‘Your mission is service!’ junk, etc.

  2. The word Shame does not even begin to approach the level of awful here. (the advert, not the comic) I quite like the comic.

  3. reminds me of a training video i saw a at a restaurant i worked at: an explanation of end-of-day “pre-close” procedures themed as a Perry Mason spoof!
    the victim/villain (who tried to frame someone for her OWN fake murder BTW) was a crazy clown who ran a rival restaurant.
    she was so crazy she fired someone for getting a drive-up order RIGHT!

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