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  1. No, Brice, floor work is not below you. Neither is cleaning bathrooms. If Marla didn’t put you on permanent janitorial duty after they way you acted towards Donnie last week, well, she’s a better manager than I would ever be. Or maybe worse.

  2. Unfortunately, people like Brice are almost always someone’s darling. In this case Stuart. They manage to spend enough time sucking up to their patron-type that they become effectively untouchable. At least as long as they stay in tight with whoever’s supporting them. You really can’t do things like “Go clean restrooms for eternity you jackhole.” because the consequences from their protector will turn the whole thing into a ridiculous mess.
    Yes, this does interfere with managing things remotely intelligently. Yes, it still happens – pretty much everywhere and every day. The only even remotely unusual part of things with Brice and Stuart is that there’s no sexual element (at least as far as we know) in the whole ‘protege’ relationship.

  3. Err – I’d like to apologize to anyone that reads these for even typing “sexual element” in a sentence about Brice and Stuart. No matter what your preferences, likes, etc. I’m pretty sure that whole idea is pretty squicky to most folks. Two buttheads of that magnitude… brrrrrrr. Sheesh. I think I just put myself off my breakfast “/

  4. My manager is learning this the hard way. She pissed off nearly the entire team last week by back stabbing pretty much everyone by saying it was the employees faults the store was not up to code. This week four employees quit back to back to back to back within an hour. I stayed out of the drama because even though I was mad I knew that if I up and quit it would lead to bigger problems for my college applications.

    Anyways she now has to work open to close on the register into the unforeseeable future because now there are only 3 people including myself at the store and no one will be her assistant manger. ( I know she keeps asking me to be her assistant since I guess she thinks we are on good terms since I didn’t mention what I felt about what she did. So far I have turned her down ever time saying that school is my focus)

    • A store manager is judged by her superiors a lot based on employee turnover. My guess is that 1 or more of these employees have reported something to the higher ups about her. I’ve been with managers like this before and they usually end up out the store. I’m not saying they get demoted but they usually end up transferring to a different store with a warning.

    • the guy,
      Other than a drop in income/savings, what possible effect could quitting a crappy job have on your college applications? Universities, colleges, community colleges don’t care about your work history.

    • Had a similiar thing happen at one place I used to work. Store manager was close to retirement and constantly told the district manager that she was leaving near Mother’s Day, giving her much more than a 2 weeks notice. And as promised, on Mother’s day she she adieu to the shock of the DM despite the warning. She spent the remainder of the summer getting temp SM’s to come help cover while she looked for a new SM to hire. One assistant manager was fired during this time frame and the other gave birth in August. At the time, I wanted the ASM position and the pregnant ASM wanted SM. DM refused and ended up replacing nearly the entire management team after pregnant ASM found a better job elsewhere as a SM. Who trained the new management team? Moi. Old SM was training be to be an ASM but DM wouldn’t have it. I left a year later.

  5. A member of management can get the best of results from their employees if the employees see that the member of management is willing to do those things that they ask their underlings to do. Here’s my hunch on Brice. He’s so use to avoiding running a register that he probably doesn’t even know how. I’ve been with several store managers like this.

    • gvravel, you hit it right on the head. Unfortunately, today, there are too many with the title of ‘manager’ who’ve never actually done the grunt work and therefore do not comprehend the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the job. To quote Murphy, “Many managers go by the book, but they don’t know who wrote the book. Or even what book.”

      • Mark, we went through a phase when AM’s were hired right out of college with zero retail experience. What a debacle! When we on the floor explained how things worked in Real Life (as opposed to Corporate Life), the almost-universal response was, “Oh! Really?” They _were_, however, really good at paperwork, not so much at managing.
        Our guy was a real martinet during store hours, but then tried to be buddy-buddy at the end of the day. Good luck making that work! (It didn’t.)

      • The best manager doesn’t even necessarily HAVE to have ever done the grunt work. They just have to be willing to pay attention to how things work, and listen to their employees.

        • I agree that they have to listen to their employees, but I disagree with the first part of your statement. The two best managers I ever had started at the bottom and worker their way up. They knew the job inside out and could answer questions correctly, or, if they didn’t know the answer, knew who to call to get that answer. They also gave valuable day to day guidance, and were decent, compassionate human beings.

          The worst managers I’ve ever had came from other industries, knew NOTHING about the job, and disrespected the staff from Day One. They were all like Brice and Stuart and were hated by pretty much everyone on staff.

    • But remember that not long after Brice came to work for Marla, she made him work the register in the Men’s department one day. So he shouldn’t be totally ignorant of how to work the registers. He just doesn’t like it and thinks it’s beneath him.

      • Oops I forgot. Have we gone off the Mina/Brice story arc? Or is Mina going to swoop in and save Brice from the indignity of working the register?

  6. As a manager myself I won’t make my staff do anything I won’t do. Yes, that has included cleaning toilets when necessary.

    I’ve worked for management that felt that they didn’t have to do more than sit on their ass and order the peons around. I’ve also taken over as manager in a place where the previous manager didn’t do a damn thing other than tell everybody else what to do…and the staff was shocked that I had no problem working right along side of them, doing the same work they were doing as well as paperwork, scheduling, and the like. The store went from being the worst in the chain to being near the top…until head office threw me under the bus for something that was entirely not my fault. I quit and all but one of my employees quit in the week following. Karma is a bitch.

    • We had a horrible manager at one point that refused to set foot in our department, even for things that were her job. She would make someone else do it, even if it violated rules. She got promoted to store manager at a different location. The next manager was amazing. If we were swamped he would throw on an apron, wash his hands, and then ask how he could help. Everyone loved him. Unfortunately, he got so sick of the BS that one day he came in, threw down his keys and announced he had a better job. The bad ones float to the top, while the good ones either burn out or jump ship.

  7. If this were BEETLE BAILEY or some war comic book, Brice would be handing his sidearm to a staff sergeant during an attack and warning him to “Make sure you keep count of how many of the enemy ‘I’ shoot”.

    • I may have unconsciously ripped off a scene from BLACK ADDER GOES FORTH… or a real life occurrence during the 1st World War… with that last post.

      • That’s a good way to get fragged. And today’s army
        The staff sergeant would have handed the sidearm back and told Brice where to bolster it.

  8. At one point in my checkered past I worked for a bank. My manager hadn’t a clue how to run a window. We got away with murder, because we could tell him “This is the way it’s done. Don’t you remember?” He’d had died before he admitted he didn’t remember. (He honestly didn’t; he never said it.)

  9. Why do I think that Marla is about to have some very long days in the coming week if Brice bolts? Our poor man child Brice needs to understand what being an adult in this type of situation means and I see him acting like a spoiled child.

  10. Having the manager scheduled to work register can be a problem if they’re the only manager in the building and they’re needed somewhere else, but stuck on register. But if Brice and Marla overlap that hour, this is exactly what they should do.

  11. I haven’t worked retail in a long time. I just don’t understand why Corporate doesn’t open up their pocket books and pay retail people salary and benefits. It wouldn’t cost as much as hiring hourly people training and everything else that goes along with that viscous circle. Then employees would be loyal, feel like they’re getting treated right and stay. Even part time employees…tell them they’ll make x amount but have to average 25 hours per week. I know this idea needs to be tinkered with but it would be a good idea in my humble opinion.

    • If it was really cheaper, fast food would have done it years ago instead of streamlining and simplifying the training.

      • Don’t kid yourself. They COULD hire more help and remain profitable. They do things they way they do things for one reason only – greed.
        That’s corporate America – “It’s Never Enough!”

    • Where I worked, it was bonus related. The store, district, and regional managers would have payroll goals. If they kept payroll under a certain number they would get a bonus. A lot of mangers chose the bonus over having the store properly staffed.

    • Because if they paid the lowly employees what they were worth they’d have to forego paying the CEO’s multi-million dollar bonus. His mansion and yachts and luxury vacations won’t pay for themselves you know.

  12. Managers aren’t above manning cash registers as needed, Brice. That’s part of your job description.

    Part of me wonders if Brice is actually going to bolt to a sociopathic backstabber like Mina. If Marla catches wind of it, she could try to rein Brice in while breaking his sanity with constant “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” thoughts. He would be miserable and it would be absolutely delightful to watch.

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