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    • Brice has had a couple of very funny lines (although not intentionally funny for him) in the past two weeks. First, the Amway remark to Mina, now this. Will Brice take this staffing “problem” to Zucchini Head and try to get help, or will he trust Marla’s experience and just suck it up?

  1. Probably could have responded to that last one a bit more of a……….”diplomatic” manner there Marla, even though she is right on the money. Responses like that might unwittingly, on both of their parts, drive him in Mina’s claws…….and even with his semi continuous douchie-ness, not sure if I would even wish that on him.

    • I’m sure that’s going to be the outcome of this part of the story – he finds out the problems run deeper then just his boss and decides to try Mina.

    • But Joe, Mina as his manager is exactly what Brice deserves. And since he’s a comic strip character and not a real person, such a fate would grant us the pleasure of guiltless schadenfreude

    • I don’t think Marla intended to react in an unprofessional manner. The question just caught her so off guard that she started laughing reflexively. Sometimes the instinct to laugh kicks in faster than the higher reasoning of “This is not an appropriate response.” It can be a real pain when you have small children and they do something spectacularly silly that bruises ego more than body.

  2. And here, once again, is Brice’s naivete. He truly believes that Stuart is going to be reasonable about something like this.

    What’s sad is Brice has SEEN how unreasonable Stuart can be – or shall I say, his ‘default setting’.

    • And of course if he DOES ask Stuart about it, Stuart is going to find a way to spin it into Marla’s incompetence, somehow. “A true manager would figure out how to make it work,” without actually giving any advice on how Marla’s supposed to make it work. Some “work smarter” platitude. It’ll be up to Brice whether or not he buys it, or if he has another epiphany that Stuart is blowing hot air.

  3. Go right ahead Brice. Give Stuart a call. And when you do,, please put it on speaker. I want to hear his wisdom too.

  4. Talk to Stuart about it? Bwa hahahahahahaha! She’s been talking to Stuart about it since the strip began! It’s like talking to a brick wall! All he does is make excuses for Corporate and side with them. And tell her she’s a lousy manager because she can’t do the impossible, like being in 100 places at the same time. Talk to Stuart, oh, that’s a good one!

  5. Maybe becoming disillusioned with Stuart causes Brice to finally defect to Delman’s?

    I can see Brice going over Marla’s head and calling Stuart anyway, only to be told he “just” needs to do the chronologically impossible.

  6. Regarding putting staff on the register and then wondering why they weren’t on the floor doing whatever it was they were paid to do, I once had a manager who would regularly pull the cashier off the register to help her look for stuff she had somehow misplaced—her clipboard, her cell phone, the pricing gun, her glasses, her radio. She would usually call me to replace him and I’d be stuck there for hours. And then she’s be upset because I hadn’t been doing my job. She was the stuff comic strips, and nightmares are made of. She couldn’t understand that when she communicated with an individual via her “walkie-talkie” radio, the message went out to all of us. She also had trouble understanding that if one person were on the radio, it blocked all other outgoing messages. The poor dear was a bad combination of stupidity and attention deficit disorder. She meant well. Didn’t stop me from hating her guts and wishing her dead

  7. Actually, Marla should have Brice call Stuart…. seeing as he is Stuart’s golden boy, there’s actually a slim chance he might get off his duff and d something for a change.

    • The best way would be for Marla to set up a conference call with Stuart, Brice and herself.
      First, Marla asks for more payroll hours. Then when Stuart says no, have Brice ask the same question.
      See what happens.

      • If Brice were to call Stuart, he’d give him a pep talk about how leadership is about making ‘hard choices’ but will still figure out a way to blame it on Marla’s style of leadership.
        In the end, it’ll be a variation on ‘Suck it up, buttercup!’ which should be the final nudge to send him over to Delman’s.
        There, Mina will lie thru her teeth talking about all the payroll they have & how management rules the roost.
        Just as he’s about to sell his soul, a timid sales associate will whisper a warning of what REALLY happens.
        He’ll shrug it off untill he sees one of the first ‘warning signs’ at which point he’ll be torn, having seen the worst in BOTH stores.
        Brice then quits altogether & goes to work for a car rental agency.

  8. Never forget where you started for it will be a constant and humble reminder of your roots and why you are there to begin with.

    Accept this fact: no matter where you go you will never be above the most menial of tasks for the business of customer service demands this. My Husbands SM is not above this either, but actually encourages and reinforces this statement.

    It would benefit Brice if he learned this lesson early on but I’m afraid he won’t be sticking around long enough to learn this lesson here at Grumbles, but under the hooves of another Malcontent Manager.

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