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  1. See, Brice keeps getting hit in the head with reality, but then he fails to learn permanent lessons from it. It’s like his character resets at the end of each plot arc.

    • Well, it IS a comic, and that would be consistent with cartoon logic. For instance, you’d think Wile E Coyote would eventually learn that nothing he does will ever let him catch the roadrunner. But if he DID learn that, where would the humor be?

      • No, nothing he’s tried yet has caught the Roadrunner. However, due to the delicacy of the Roadrunner, it is worth trying EVERYthing possible. It’s simple science. He hasn’t failed a million times; he’s found a million things that don’t work.

        • Not to get away from the comic arc, but for trivia sake, Wile E. did catch the Roadrunner ONCE with a giant robot, but of course then his plans went South.

          • Wile E also actually caught the real Roadrunner, but only after it was 20 feet taller than he – and looking mighty hungry down at a quaking coyote. The signs WEC held up were:

            “Okay wise guys – you always wanted me to catch him. Now what do I do?”

            Here (first cartoon of the link)

        • Finding a million ways that don’t work is still finding a million ways to fail. And a million ways for the audience to laugh. Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam have the same problem.

    • Dito sammi and don’t forget to account for time and a half and holiday pay. Here in mass if you’re making 800 a week salary you’re making less than minimum wage.

      • @Lucek,
        Minimum wage is $11/hr in MA.

        $800/week =
        $20/hr at 40 hours
        $16/hr at 50 hours
        $13+/hr at 60 hours
        $11+/hr at 70 hours

        Salaried make more than minimum up to 70 hours per week. Not sure where your calculations came from.

        • Perhaps considering that an hourly worker would be averaging $13+/hr at 70 hrs/week? And someone working hourly would be making almost the same $800 ($770) for 60 hours.

          Just a thought. No one who doesn’t have *full* control over staffing, including hiring and payroll hours, should be overtime exempt.

  2. So Brice hasn’t been working 50 hours all this time? What about Marla? I was under the impression she was. Sounds like Marla and Brice never actually talk! He’s just now learning this stuff and he’s been there a whole year.

    • If I recall correctly she pressed him for an official “work 50 hours” corporate command. When he didn’t give it she decided not to make her salary employees do it. I mean sure it would have helped but people like to be paid for hard work.

      • It was Stuart that was forcing Marla to work 50 hours. One week he found she worked 45 or so hours and he berated her for it.

  3. So Brice will call Stuart to complain about the problem, Stuart will give the same corporate line to him. Brice is annoyed so he calls Mina to discuss her offer, thinking it will be better… And then after a while he will realize working for Marla was far better since all retail jobs are the same, it’s the managers that make it better or worse.

    • If he thinks Marla is a bad manager, wait til he tries working for Mina! You can bet your butt that SHE doesn’t work 50 hours a week but probably makes her asst mgr do it, as well as work the register, and still expects them to get everything else done.

  4. Brice is like a little dog. Kick him and he’ll slink away only to come back yapping even louder.

    Side note don’t kick dogs annoying middle managers use your digression.

  5. Brice, when you talked to Stuart about rules that don’t make sense, didn’t you have an epiphany that he’s not wise? If you’re in need of a reminder, please take this issue up with him yourself, see where it gets you.

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