31 thoughts on “April 13, 2017

  1. Maybe the REAL reason is Brice is working so hard at this is: can’t operate the register, count change, is frightened of customers, to save his donkey hind end. Ya think!!

    • A distinct possibility, based on the decline in the quality of managers (in general) I’ve noticed over the past 20-odd years or so.

      Brice very clearly doesn’t have the experience to be a manager – not even an AM. An experienced AM would know very intimately what Brice is just now discovering. Even department heads should know more than Brice appears to.

  2. How about opening later and closing earlier?

    Nah, then you’ll have more customers banging on the locked doors saying “But I just need one thing, and I know right where it is.”

      • Also, we know that this store is in a mall. Their lease probably says that they have to be open the hours that the mall sets.

    • The customers would complain due to the change in hours. If only they could be open 24-hours and make one guy working minimum wage do every job in the store… corp. might be happy then, but I still doubt it.

    • It’s fallen around him before though. For some reason he never seems to learn from these situations. I guess status quo is god.

  3. I’m wondering just what Brice actually does in the store. We saw him work a register ONE TIME ONLY when Marla challenged him about getting credit card orders, or something like that. Other than that all we see is him having pointless waste of time “discussions” with Cooper or Donnie or wasting Marla’s time on the same kinds of “discussions.” What good is he?

  4. Wow, Brice, it is one hour each day you need to cover a register. One hour! I think your delicate hands can handle it.

    • To be honest, I would rather be ground up alive and have my remains fed to pigs than cashier. It was my least favorite task in retail.

      • Then you must have had some REALLY BAD experiences.

        Sure, being a Cashier has its downsides… but it’s not so bad as to go through all the hoops Brice is trying to, to avoid it.

        Especially at one hour a day…

        • I’m an introvert, was bad at it, and usually had 10-20 hours of stuff to do in my own department when they pulled me. You know, management’s idea of an 8 hour shift.

          • Just to illustrate the bad at it part, I once had a Co-manager (just bellow store) Look at me when they needed cashiers, then quickly grab two other associates to put on a register.

  5. Bryce is just like a temporary manager I had last month. He really believed that management should never be seen on the actual sales floor and should never have to do menial tasks like clean bathrooms, run a cash register, or stock a shelf. Heaven forbid that he has to take half a second to hit the “brew” button on the coffee pot!

  6. Brice reminds me of a manger I used to have that would call people to the other side of the store to pick things up off the floor. Instead of just doing it herself she would stand there and wait for someone to come. I once asked her why and she told me it wasn’t her job, it was mine.

    • I would have loved to see someone like that tell that to a DM or corporate if they walked in when she was waiting for someone to pick something up like that.

  7. People like Brice like to imagine that they are smarter and hard-working than the staff, and that they deserve extras like more money and more time off because of it. They spend a lot of time insulting their staff for being “lazy” and “unmotivated.” They are outraged when corporate demonstrates how little respect they have for their management team. Yet none of this ever seems to result in an “ah ha” moment where they figure out how reality works.

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