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  1. Hey, Coop, there’s an entire industry you’d love then… people who are brought in when a store’s closing and wrap it all up. Only downside is that you’ve got to be willing to travel for a couple weeks to middle-of-nowhere Kansas on a moment’s notice.

  2. There’s a vast difference between what he’s doing and what Marla does every day. I’m glad he seems to realize the difference before he decides he’d like her job lol. Not that he’d get it, as long as Stuart lives and breathes.

  3. Cooper!

    I’m so glad that you are starting to see the thrill of business! You should know that you cannot possibly learn leadership by leading your team. Might I suggest that you pursue your MBA like me.

    The South Harmon Institute of Technology would be perfect. It is reasonably priced at $4,000 per semester plus $500 per semester for books. So assuming you stop working full time and go to school full time for 8 semesters it will only cost you $36,000.

    Then after that, 4 semesters at $6,000 for tuition and $300 for books. That is only $25,200. What a bargain!

    Six years of not working full time and incurring $61,200 worth of expenses for a job where you will start by earning $50,000 and maybe some day earn as much as $90,000 might seem steep to someone who doesn’t understand the value of education, but just remember….




    • Josh, I HAVE NEVER SET FOOT IN A COLLEGE. I have owned 2 comic book shops, and have been in salaried management positions for the last 15 years of my career. I have managed FOOD LION,K-B TOYS,BOOKS A MILLION,WALMART,etc. A diploma will never replace good old common sense.
      Currently in a 60,000 dollar a year salaried position in a privately owned toy store. Edward Sizemore

      • Ed, The Werefrog believe you missed the sarcasm from Josh’s post.

        College is quickly becoming a bad investment in that, although the average college graduate does earn more than the non-graduate, the difference is earnings is starting to approach an amount less than the cost of the eduction.

    • I feel like this Josh is the Josh from the Comic migrated into the comments. If not, then that makes this a very hurtful insult.

    • OMFG. He’s making a reference to the fake college in the movie “Accepted.” Whose initials are literally “S.H.I.T.” The lot of you are way too eager to be offended.

      • I’ve never seen or heard of the movie and it didn’t take me long to figure out Josh was being sarcastic. Seriously everything about the post screamed sarcasm.

      • OK, I got the sarcasm of the post. But the cost for an MBA? $60K? Not even at public university. Makes sense knowing the tuition pricing is from 2006. And fictitious to boot.


  4. The South Harmon Institute of Technology (check the initials) was the fictitious creation of the characters of Accepted, a movie from 2006 where high-school underachievers print up a fake college on the internet to impress their parents. It goes awry when the website is legitimate enough to attract students who aren’t in on the ploy, and they have to scramble to make their fake college real enough to avoid scrutiny. Though, the inclusion of Josh as the writer does seem to be an indication of the comic character.

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