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  1. Oh, Brice, Brice, Brice… If you think going to Delman’s is going to get you out of having to do grunt work, you’re very much mistaken.

    • I think he’s naive enough to believe he’s going to find a better situation at Delman’s, yes. I think he believes that he’s been treated unfairly at Grumbel’s and that working for Mina will be an improvement. He thinks that he’ll realize his dream of never having to get his hands dirty doing ‘peon’ work – like running a cash register – and that he’ll have drill-sergeant-like control over the floor.

      He DOESN’T realize what kind of person Mina really is, and DOESN’T realize that once Mina has finished exploiting him, he’ll be tossed aside like an old gum wrapper and forgotten

  2. My theory (for what it’s worth) is that Brice and Mina have pretty much the same vision about employees. They will get along just fine and the Delman’s employees will be either whipped into complete submission or run away from the evil overlords.

    An employee or supervisor like Brice or Mina make their employees/coworkers stop caring about their jobs. Why give it your 100%, because whatever you do is never enough and when you have a good idea, it becomes theirs.

    • I doubt it, i feel Brice will see Marla is much better that he will want to go back. This will write him out of the comic for the most part, I think he still has some arcs in him and this still keep him on for awhile

      • I don’t know. We could have a split story that covers both stores. With Mina, there’s opportunities to cover dishonest bosses and back stabbers – a different class of bad managers then what we’ve seen so far.

    • I disagree, mostly because Brice wants to work with someone like Stuart, someone with the unshakable belief in the System and its perfection if implemented correctly. Mina is not like that. I think Brice is going to find himself taken advantage of (much like Stuart did with Marla, only worse), because Mina sees everyone employed under her as tools and nothing more.

  3. I believe that if Brice were to go there he would be a double agent, because he wouldn’t fully betray grumbles

    • He’ll blame Marla of course. I imagine Marla will have mixed feelings. She’ll be glad to see the back of Brice but concerned about who will be her AM now. More interviews. More weirdos. Stuart again trying to stir the pot with his “recommendations.” If only Val would be willing, she’d be perfect but she doesn’t want the job and I really can’t blame her.

      • I’m curious if Amber would be interested. She should’ve been there long enough by now and seems pretty competent. I realize “promote from within” is more a corporate slogan rather than an ACTUAL policy, but it seems like it’d be interesting to give one of the more “minor” characters a larger role.

        • Amber was given a chance to be AM when Arthur was hired. She didn’t want the hassles and wanted to concentrate on school as I recall.

          • I completely forgot about that. Thanks! Altho on re-read, her reason was working it around her class schedule, and… (frightening as this is to say) that was 3 YEARS ago. >_> (also interesting that Zoe was born 5 years ago)

  4. Ah yes, the “grass is always greener” belief. It’s going to be something to behold that not only is it the same at Delman’s (staffing / budget hours) but he’s going to get a taste of what it feels like to be managed by him via Mina. He’s going to try and go back crying to Marla. I saw this exact scenario play out some years back at a Walgreens store I was in.

  5. So Brice is wanting to possibly jump ship just because he was going to have to be on a register for about an hour a day for 5 days. Oh the indignity of expecting an Asst. Manager to do some of the same work as the employees that report to him.

    • Not enough popcorn IN THE WORLD.

      Although I will be watching on with a smug-as-hell look on my face when Mina and Brice bicker like an old married couple.

  6. I just hope whatever happens Brice stays a character in this comic. He’s easily the most complex and interesting character: He’s a cooperate lackey but sometimes still realizes when things make no sense and acts independently (like just now). This makes him look very “natural”, in contrast to almost all other characters which are just the usual comic characters (plain black or white and have cliché personalities).

  7. I sincerely hope that this all comes to bite Brice in the ass. All because he doesn’t want to do any grunt work? How utterly childish…and typical of entirely too many people in management positions. I’m sure nobody will be sad to see the back of him and watch the punishment that will be working under Mina.

  8. What Brice really wants is to go back to that fabulous upscale mall that he came from, where customers have money to burn, making plan is never an issue, and there are enough hours that he always has someone to boss around.

    • And which is probably one of the “model” stores that the planograms are based on, so everything fits exactly where it needs to go on the shelves and the spacing is never awkward due to smaller/narrower shelving.

  9. All my best bosses came up through the ranks and were never too “management” to do grunt work. Brice is like the boss I left after six months because he thought getting that white collar meant he never had to do menial tasks again. The final straw was the same day he threw a fit because I had allowed the printer to run out of paper and he had to put paper in himself (leaving the half-empty ream on my chair), he also dragged me out to the parking lot during my lunch hour to look at his new, loaded SUV. The war continued. Thereafter, when I left at night I did not refill the printer and if he and the others who used the same printer ran big jobs and the paper ran out – not my problem. I found an incredibly unprofessional nasty note on my chair one morning from my boss, showed it to the office manager and quit. My next boss not only knew how to run the equipment, he taught me how to better use my skill set. I stayed at that company until he retired.

  10. Such naivete on both ends. Brice is too young/inexperienced/dumb to understand that it’s the same game no matter your employer. And does Mina even realize that she’s doing Marla a favor by getting rid of a completely useless Assistant Manager that is disliked by the employees? Now Marla can perhaps find the better candidate she couldn’t when she hired Brice.

  11. God this guy’s a little [censored]. Gets told he has to work one hour on the register and he’s ready to bail. Good riddance.

  12. “W-w-what?! I’m supposed to WORK?! For an entire hour?! HELL NO! MINA SAVE MEEEEE, I WAS BORN TO NEEDLESSLY MICROMANAGE, NOT ACTUALLY HELP~” -Brice.

  13. Since this is only for a “cup of coffee” and not an application, someone might learn enough from that conversation to go running back. Mina is going to want someone she can manipulate and may not want someone who complains about an hour at the register. Likewise, Brice might pick up on something and decide that he doesn’t want to work for Mina.

  14. I keep hearing everyone say that they cant wait until next week for the next part of the story line but knowing Norm, expect a week worth of “Retail Glossary Terms” or something similar instead.

    • Mina doesn’t know Brice is a crybaby.

      That said … I wonder if we will get to meet Stuart’s counterpart at Delman’s now? (And wouldn’t it be funny if they had similar facial features?)

      • Didn’t we see the Delman’s DM when they were doing their grand opening? He’s the one that started the fine tradition of trying to poach employees from Grumbel’s.

        • Yeah, his name was Brad and he had a very square face. I remember when he and Marla had a face off, it was funny but darned if I remember now… I’ll have to go back and find those old ones.

  15. NOTE: This is not a blanket statement – I worked under some very good assistant managers.

    That said, Brice is showing why the first letters of “Assistant Manager” are “A-S-S.”

    • same here, many years in retail has shown me there are more good managers out there than bad but the bad ones tend to stick out way more, and get promoted more stupidly enough. We have 1 manager where I work that in well over a year of being there has hopped on a register 1 time when we were slammed. I get that managers need to be free to handle things that pop up with customers but when you are calling all register trained staff to the front but do not hop on one yourself I am not impressed.

    • In all reality I do think this is dumb of him if he does just quit, you can call Brice many things but he is not dumb when it comes to his carrier. Marla might not like Brice but she is not the type to fire him out of the blue where as I feel Mina is, and if he does switch to Delman’s he is burning his bridge at Grumble’s.

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