23 thoughts on “April 16, 2018

  1. Lady don’t waste your money on a new dress. Use it to take a class in manners.
    For the three millionth time, retail employees are NOT RESPONSIBLE for what the store carries. Corporate makes those decisions. If you are dissatisfied with what the store carries, shop elsewhere or contact Corporate and tell them what you want to see in the store. Do NOT, I repeat NOT rag on some random employee who has nothing to do with that decision!

  2. Beware of when someone is using a term that they think makes them sound more worldly/sophisticated/intelligent/wealthier and they can’t even pronounce it properly. They are likely to have a *gigantic* chip on their shoulder for just about everything.


    Generally speaking, if you have to ask if something is ‘haute couture’…. it probably isn’t.

    And if you can’t pronounce ‘haute couture’…. you probably wouldn’t know it if you saw it.

    If you can’t identify something as ‘haute couture’, and can’t pronounce it properly, either… you probably really CAN’T afford it.

    And if you get ‘triggered’ when you don’t like the answer to your question… it was a probably a really stupid question.

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