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  1. Sarcasm mode: Wow, you figured out Brice’s awsomeness within less than an hour without actually seeing him work.

    Seriously though, he’s going to find himself in a poisonous work environment with a back stabbing manager.

  2. chances are, people are gonna line up in front of Marla’s office begg8bg to work in Grumbel’s instead of Delman’s.

  3. Norm has figured out the “tell” for the self centered. When they talk, they close their eyes. so they don’t have to acknowledge or interact with the person they’re talking at

  4. Maybe the last AM at Delmans get’s hired by Marla, once Brice sees how horrible Mina is, he wishes to return, but it’s too late.

    Or, the previous AM finds Brice meeting with Mina and warns him about her…

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out

    • Warns him about her, but I doubt Brice would listen because he doesn’t have a reason to trust Mina’s previous AM, and Brice doesn’t seem to be the type to trust blindly. After all, even his faith in Stuart has been shaken.

  5. Yes Brice go and work for Mina and find out what it’s like when your boss is more cutthroat than you are. They’ll either get on like a house on fire or he’ll get a taste of his own medicine when she treats him like he treats others.

    • Brice has a distorted understanding of people, but I don’t think he’s the dishonest kind. Mina strikes me as the “anything that doesn’t land me in jail is legal” type. I think Brice is in for a rude awakening.

  6. Hit the Road Brice,

    Don’t you come back no mo’, no mo’, no mo’.

    Hit the Road, Brice.

    And Don’t you come back no mo’!

    • Oh Mina, oh Mina, oh you’re so mean,
      You’re the meanest woman I’ve ever seen.
      Well I guess if you say so,
      Then it’s to Delman’s I’ll go!

      That’s right! Hit the road, Brice,
      And don’tcha come back no mo’, no mo’, no mo’, no mo’!
      Hit the road, Brice,
      And don’tcha come back no mo’!


  7. Brice is in for a shock.

    If Amber finds out before Brice jumps ship, do you suppose she’ll warn him? Somehow I doubt it.

  8. “Will you walk into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.”

    Now the question is will Brice take Mina’s bait? Or, will Mina go too far and Brice will get a clue as to the true Mina?

    • Brice’s ego won’t let him see that it’s bait. He won’t notice the switch until it’s too late.

      No rhyme intended.

      • Don’t sell Norm’s story-telling skills short. He’s good at avoiding being too predictable while still being believable.

  9. I love the fact that he hasn’t done his research XD you always ask the people who work for the store what the manager is like when you look for a job in Retail. That’s just common knowledge.

  10. Fine Mina, you want him, you can have him. You’d be doing Marla and Grumbel’s a favor. Idiots never realize Marla is always a step ahead.

  11. So what’s Mina’s end game here? What’s her goal? Is she trying to get back at Marla by stealing her Assistant Manager? Or is she trying to consolidate her power at Delman’s with a new loyal lackey?

    • Or does she just need a new AM she can manipulate?

      This may not be a “either/or” question. The answer could be “all of the above”.

  12. He hasn’t taken her up on her offer yet. And I stress ‘yet’. He’ll most likely go for it.

    It won’t go well for him, though. As bad as he is, it’s been shown more than once that he has a conscience. Mina does not. Should be interesting.

  13. Ummm, surprised no-one has commented on this yet (or maybe you have – sorry – I just read the first-level comments)… His facial expression and his choice of words in the last panel – I suspect there’s a “but” coming tomorrow. IMHO, he’ll turn Mina down and go back to Marla and Stu to mention how Delman’s is trying to recruit from their stores. Or, even better (for Brice), he’ll go directly to Stu and complain how Marla doesn’t have the competence to stop Mina from doing that (to which Marla will object will low payroll, etc etc – which, of course, doesn’t play a role), and Brice will be the hero that saves the day since he went incognito to spy on the competition while being on salary and also being forced to run the register for a FULL hour each day.

  14. byteflush makes an interesting point since I don’t think Brice could pull off the “I’m-so-good-they-tried-to-recruit-me-so-pay-me better-or-I’ll-walk” like Josh did.
    But count on Stuart using it as another reason to rub it in Marla’s face.

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