28 thoughts on “April 18, 2017

  1. He died suddenly, that’s rich. I hope Brice finds somebody who makes chainmail under shirts, he is going to need it if she suckers him into going to work from her.

  2. Eh, she’s been depicted as a far better manipulator then this. “Moved interstate, ill family member, I didn’t want to pry.” or something of the like would have been better.

    • She must not have planned ahead for this question. I always got the feeling she makes it up as she goes, without concern for consequences.

        • High-functioning sociopaths gravitate to politics as well as corporations. As a character from the novel WORLD WAR Z described a corporation, “One goal, no soul.”

          (If you haven’t watched THE CORPORATION yet, find a copy and go see it.)

  3. You have to admit, Brice can be difficult manager, but then he does this, he has mixed emotions, he is not a full cut throat manager

    • Like the toxic work environment at THAT Delman’s would encourage the employees to offer any information not directly connected to their current task to any member of management?

  4. No, Mina, his soul died slowly and painfully in your toxic work environment until he was just a shell of a man and would have been better off dead.

        • Or this is the third time that Grandma’s died so a worker/student can get out of doing something they don’t want to.

      • When I taught college we required a copy of the death certificate before we took a death in the family into account. This was, sadly, necessary because a significant number of students would try to use the ‘my mother died’ excuse to get out of exams and essays.

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