19 thoughts on “April 2, 2017

    • It sounds more like something you put down on liquid spills to clean them up. Even if the box says “DVD player”.

  1. Closer inspection reveals that the parts were made on Omicron Persei 8. The players were merely assembled on Earth.

  2. At least we can’t blame them for farming out the work.to illegal galactic aliens. Bloody Draenei, those goat horned jerks.

  3. The joke rings true for me. I worked in a big box store about 12 years ago and we would stock the “off-brand” DVD player of the month for the budget conscious shopper. I do remember one DVD player from China (cannot remember the brand) and we could not figure out why sales were going through the roof. It turned out that this player was “hackable” so that it would play any DVD from any region and word got out on the internet. People were coming in and buying in bulk. We eventually could not get them anymore.

    • Apex AD-500 probably, one of the first ‘infamous’ hackable ones. Then came the Electrohome’s, then Cyberhome’s, then Daewoo’s and the flood of clones afterwards using the same chipsets. Late 99 into 2001 very very popular.

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