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  1. Poor Brice. As always seems to be the case with him, a brief moment of cleverness and shrewd insight, is utterly undone by his own arrogance and ignorance. Such a pitiable creature.

    Mina, though… “Clever girl.”

    • This is where Mina will “negotiate” in order to pay him better than Grumbel’s but not as much as he’d like.

      Brice forgot the first rule of negotiation: Give a ballpark range, not a specific figure.

      • LOL

        really, a ballpark range?

        I’d do it for 60 to 70 thousand.

        Congrats, you just gave a specific figure, 60 thousand.


        • No, you say something like “I know the salary range is for retail assistant managers and I was thinking in the area of $70K.” And you had *better* know what the range is.

          • That’s about right. I found what the high end of my career’s pay range was for people who have been in the field for +10 years. Being new in my career, and I knew they were desperate from my research in to the company, I reduced my pitch by 20% of that number, Thinking they would balk and come in at least 40% lower than the cap. Which honestly would have been more then reasonable for an entree applicant. I underestimated how desperate they really were. They signed me for the amount I asked and offered an additional 5% if I could expedite my transfer. Not everyone will get results like this, but if you don’t ask you will never know what you might receive.

  2. SO, did Marla accidentally do Mina a favor by not hiring her then?! Maybe Mina needs to return it by stealing Brice from her!

  3. Well, I didn’t see this coming!

    Hmmmmm, He started April 2016, so he might be due for a raise. Wouldn’t be funny if he’s told his raise just as he’s about to give notice.

    • Some companies value they employees and pay better.

      We’re talking about differences of 100% and more for almost literally the same job.

      • Others consider their employees a dime a dozen, so if you don’t like what they are offering, they’ll just find someone else to take the job for the wage they are willing to pay. Which means you have no leverage and no way to even negotiate or even ask for a raise.

    • It might be that Delman’s believes that good pay = better workers. Which is often true, but not always.

      My money isn’t on that, though. It’s on the suspicion that this store has a higher pay rate than the usual corporate rate simply because that’s the only way that Mina can keep any employees at all.

      • That is really not how the corporate world works.

        If they have to pay significantly higher wages because the manager is such a pain to work for, they get rid of the manager.

  4. Ok, no, this doesn’t make sense. Salaries aren’t that big of a secret. I can google a manager’s salary of almost any specific department store right now. If Grumble’s is really paying so much less than Delman’s, what is keeping Marla there? With her experience she could get a job at Delman’s easily. The only reason why it makes sense she wouldn’t bother is because the pay is the same and the bulls*** is the same as everywhere else.

    • I don’t believe that you can google what any particular person is earning, especially in the private sector, unless they posted it to Facebook or something.

      • You don’t need to know what a specific person earns, of course there’s going to be some variation between John Smith and Jane Miller , what you need to know is the average and range in that position at that location and that’s something you can find out very easily.

    • You might be able to get an estimate, but you aren’t going to get individual salaries. In some companies discussing salary at all between workers can be grounds for dismissal. A place that has really high turn over rates can point to low salaries, but it can also just point to miserable working conditions. I work in the government sector, so for my place of employment you can get a little booklet that lists everyone by name and their salary.

      • Go to a website like glassdoor.com and take a look. Employees don’t have to talk about their salary and company if they can just put an anonymous review up on the internet. There are average salaries up for thousands of companies in many more locations. If you put a smidgen of research into the matter it is absolutely no secret what range of salary you can expect and ask for.

      • P.S. an average is all that’s needed, you don’t need to know what Joe Smith earned to know what you can ask for.

  5. It doesn’t make much sense that Delman’s pays managers so much more than Grumbel’s would, it seems they’d be pretty much equal. Maybe Brice made less than most AM’s because though he claims he’s not, he IS a sucker. Stuart may have offered him something more than he was making as a supervisor on his last job at the high end Grumbel’s store and he thought it was a good salary. Now he asks for more than that and thinks he’s clever. Mina is surprised it’s so little. So now she’ll pretend to play into his hands by hemming and hawing and saying “This is a lot of money!” and he’ll say “But I’m worth it!” and in the end she’ll “give in.” He’ll think he’s won a major victory and she’ll walk away realizing what a dope he is, and knowing he’s putty in her hands. Every time he gets out of line with her she’ll remind him that she’s paying him the big bucks and he’ll just be a good boy and do what he’s told. I love it.

    • Stuart hired him in the first place. He probably conned him that an AS in the poorer stores didn’t get paid much more than the department heads in his old posher stores so he never actually got pay rise he was due from his last promotion.

      Its the kinda mean spirited thing Stuart would do under the guise of doing him a favour.

  6. Yeah Mina, Delman’s *has* to offer their assistant managers a ton of money to start with. Otherwise, they wouldn’t ever find anyone willing to put up with your crap.

  7. Is Brice telling the truth about his current salary or is he oblivious to the fact that he’s not worth as much as he thinks he is?

    Oh wait, it’s Brice. He’s oblivious to everything. Doesn’t even get that a mass employee walkout at Delman’s (due to mass disrespect of store management) would make him man the registers for a couple hours a DAY. Should’ve stayed at Grumbel’s.

  8. she’s smart for asking if it was a “significant,” reaise from his current salary. It tells him that she thinks that’s a lot to ask for, making it easier to negotiate a little less of needed/wanted, but it also means that if she can afford to pay him more that he’s more likely to take the job. But his little rant makes it hard to want to pay him more, if she would have given him a starting wage near his asking price.
    Give your price. Say very little. Don’t show emotional attachment to that number at all. “This is what I think is a fair salary.” The end. Though, I did that once and got laughed at. So explained that it was still lower for the average for starting pay in that position for the general part of the country I was in.

  9. I think it’s amusing that Brice’s first comment is “I know my value”, and he’s probably correct.

    As far as pay variance, Brice got the job because Arthur left, Arthur got the job because Josh lied his way to a “big” raise using Delman’s as leverage. So I’d say it’s entirely possible that they pay a good deal more than Grumbels.

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