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    • When it comes to a right-to-work state, you can leave at any time. It’s common courtesy to give a 2-week notice, but it’s in no way required.

        • As much as Marla dislikes Brice, she won’t appreciate not getting notice. That means she has to work more hours until she gets a replacement. If he was really that bad, she’d be thinking about firing him by now, but there’s been no hint of that. Brice is not Josh.

          • That’s right. When she fired Josh (as much as we all loved that scene) she did rope herself into working open to close 7 days a week til Arthur was hired.

      • A lot of companies will list you as “do not re-hire” if you leave without your two weeks. I like to keep my options open, so I always give my two weeks.

        • If you dislike a company enough to leave without notice, chances are you don’t plan on working there ever again.

          As for you personally, it just seems like you’re a decent person who rarely hates work.

          • You should consider references though. If you apply for a job and they contact a previous employer for a reference, generally the only thing they will be able to get is whether or not you’re re-hirable. If not, they’re going to wonder why.

          • If I disliked a company enough to consider leaving abruptly, I’m pretty sure references are the least of my concerns.

            If they’ve been mean, cruel, abusive, spiteful, vindictive, or unjust to me, I’m not gonna count on them to sing praises of me.

          • Also, if I were to leave a company without advance notice, there’s a very good chance I would have something lined up already.

            It’s not my style to intentionally become unemployed, no matter how much I hate working for a company.

    • She’ll see to it that he works very hard for all of those pennies. Nothing was said about working the register so he’d better get used to it.

    • This happens a lot in the strip, characters shaking hands with their left hands. I’m wondering if the artwork gets reversed for some reason…?

        • It’s a *lot* older than film. The Latin word for “left” is “sinister”, and this word even had the same connotations to the Romans 2000 years ago as it does to us now.

      • You’ll notice things like this a lot in cartoons or anything hand drawn. Artists often look at themselves performing a particular action in a mirror to better see the body positions in order to draw them. I’ve often seen books drawn with the cover on the wrong side (on the back) compared to what English speakers/readers are used to (Japanese books are read right to left, for example, so this would not look odd to them).

        • Part of it is also ease of drawing, or framing a scene. For instance, if Mina were to hold out her right hand for shaking, that would be two panels where either her back would be toward us, or she’d be stretching awkwardly across the table the way Brice is in order to keep her front toward us. Shaking with the left takes care of that.

          It’s like in stage productions, how you learn to do everything facing the audience as much as possible, even if it would make more sense to turn with your back toward them for just a bit. You want to stay facing the audience as much as possible.

          With the book covers, a lot of that is artists drawing books and putting the cover on without thinking, because they want to show what a character is reading (frequently for a gag) but they drew the book with the cover toward the viewer.

          Back to the handshake, there is also, of course, the fact that left = sinister to consider here. (I’m not sure it was deliberate, but it amuses me nonetheless.)

      • I think the Boy Scouts use the hand that’s closest to the heart.

        There are some cultures that do use the left hand to shake hands, the idea being because the left hand is the defensive hand, it displays ultimate trust in the other person:

        Right hand shake = I am putting down my sword to show you I mean you no harm.

        Left hand shake = I am putting down my shield to show you I trust you.

        Subtle difference.

    • I don’t. Unless a righty forces their right hand on me first, and sometimes even then I offer my left hand to them because I don’t appreciate it.

  1. “Oh, and as AM, you’ll be running the register for two hours a shift.”
    (Notice that the details of what he’ll be doing isn’t mentioned?)

    • Yep. They went over money but not duties. Big mistake Brice! She’ll give him the worst shifts, and he WILL be working a register!

  2. I wonder if Brice made clear the time period of his salary number. There’s a big difference between weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly. Brice might have written the number on his paycheck and Mina thought it was monthly.

  3. Hmmm? I never heard of a store manager being able to hire someone only 1 notch below them. It’s always been that the hiring manager (i.e. district manager) has to be at least 2 notches above the one being hired.

    • Mina probably has her DM totally fooled. She’s nice to his/her face, but then turns around and does what she wants anyway. If she had a Stuart, she wouldn’t get away with half the stuff she does.
      My prediction: Brice works well in his new store–a little too well. Within a month, he’s threatening to become even more evil than Mina. Mina then goes to Marla and begs her to take him back.

      • I wonder if Delman’s DM is still that Bradley we met when he was trying to poach Grumbel’s employees, back when Josh lied about them making him an offer. Josh did interview with Bradley.

      • I highly doubt Mina would do that. I think it’s more likely that Brice discovers how bad things are and begs Marla to take him back. Depending on how bad his replacement is, she might be willing.

  4. Tomorrow must be Brice telling Marla and Stuart and their reaction. I wonder if the thread will continue next week? If yes, will it be Brice at the new store, or the scramble to find a new AM? I have to check my popcorn supply.

    • My guess is that Brice will probably put in his last two weeks at Grumbel’s rather than going over to Delman’s right away. That way Marla, Val and Amber can be laughing at him behind his back, since they know what Mina’s like, and knowing what misery he’s signed up for. And Marla’s need of a new AM, and possibly Mina’s ex-AM applying at Grumbel’s and Marla’s interviewing him, and the stories he’s likely to tell about working for Mina. Marla will laugh her head off thinking of the misery Brice is in for!

  5. Notice Mina’s huge smirk in the last panel. Oh you’re ready for a change are you, Brice? You’re going to get one but it’s not going to be the one you wanted. (snicker)

  6. Who says Brice isn’t going to get wind of who Mina is and reconsider this decision? I don’t think it’s set in stone yet. He’s making a decision purely dictated by his emotions, so it’s easy to change his mind (especially if you guilt him into actually having empathy for once). He just doesn’t want to man a register since he thinks of himself as “above” the “lowly” employees. Anybody like that is a genuine displeasure to work with. He can go and get replaced with Amber or someone whose schedule is better by now.

  7. And somewhere in the universe a sudden, unexplained joy washes over Marla and she resists the urge to break into spontaneous singing.

  8. You know I should be surprised that Brice hasn’t done his research on what his “actual” worth is, but then again I’m not. I pity him for not knowing who Mina is because he’s about to get a rude awakening, but that’s the industry for you. I thought he was smarter than this, but jumping right in bed with the enemy really does show how cut-throat the industry can really be.

    I ran into a similar situation years ago when I was younger and still in college. I jumped ship from one location to another because the grass “looked” greener but I was in for a rude awakening when I started working there. I can’t tell you how miserable I was with that decision and learned that sometimes, it’s just better to stay put. That grass has to be greener for a reason, but may not be why you think it is…

    • To be honest, so am I. While Josh was an incorrigible weasel with no redeeming qualities and Stuart has lost the delightfully delusional characterization that made him a likable antagonist – someone for whom you felt sorry (due to his cognitive incompetence being no fault of his own), yet still enjoyed mocking – and become a jerk, Brice has been someone stuck in a complex struggle of fantasy and reality. He fantasizes of unprecedented managerial power where employees are nothing but lowly servants who earn their merit by following orders. Unlike Stuart and Josh (who probably both have a Palace in their heart), Brice is recoverable if he gets enough reality checks to crack him. Mina (another Palace holder) will be the catalyst of this. Give it a couple months and a reformed Brice will return to Grumbel’s, begging for his job back. Presuming he doesn’t renege on this defection, of course.

      • I should clarify that Stuart was always a jerk, but was still a sympathetic character. Now, he’s just a one-dimensional iron-fisted Dungeon Master who doesn’t understand empathy. He thinks of Grumbel’s as his kingdom much like Mina thinks of the Smithfield Mall as her torture chamber.

        However, I should add that it would be quite fun to see the two most complex antagonists team up and destroy that Delman’s store…

  9. I wonder if Marla is going to believe Brice when he says he has an offer from Delman’s? After all, Josh was lying, and I’m sure Marla’s going to remember that.

      • Unless, maybe Stuart’s superstitious enough to believe that the position of Assistant Manager has been cursed while Marla’s store manager.

        Let’s face it, none of her ‘good’ assistants have lasted very long, and the ‘bad’ ones linger until they find other places to go.

        If Stuart ever put Cooper as assistant manager, Cooper could theoretically be gone in less than a year…

  10. Step right up! Step right up! Ladies and Gentlemen place your bets for how long this deal with the devil last until Brice realizes he’s been played for a fool!

  11. I feel like Norm delibrately did not show what Mina was thinking in the last box. There’s a lot of space there for a thought bubble. I guess we have to use our imagination

  12. How long before Brice realizes that his predecessor didn’t suddenly “just die”? That could make for some fun times in this strip!

    • I give it a week (in story) at most before he hears about it, you know the staff will still be talking about it when he gets there. How long it takes for him to actually believe it is another question altogether.

  13. Just had a thought; what if Brice accidentally wrote the wrong number and doesn’t realize it until his first paycheck?

  14. Brice honey, you should have backed away the moment she agreed instead of negotiating for less. No reputable manager accepts the first figure presented!

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