21 thoughts on “April 22, 2012

        • Tell that to Wal-Mart.
          You walk directly from the register to the door and the person at the door STILL won’t let you out until they deface your receipt.

          • They’ve never been able to stop me from leaving without surrendering my receipt.

          • Sure it wasn’t Sam’s Club instead of Wal-Mart? I have to show my receipt when leaving there.

          • There are no people at the “gate” in our WalMart. No greeters, no return checkers, no receipt watchers. Nothing.

          • Wal-Mart, along with several other major retails stores, is in the process of eliminating greeters. Checking receipts may become a thing of the past.

    • Nah, Sunday comics are generally “throwaway” comics that aren’t following the current plotline.

      At MOST, he’d get a stern talking to from AP.

  1. Well, it proves Coop still have some faith in humanity, the fact he did simply believe the man was a real customer.

  2. Not that they would have stopped him even if they had asked for a receipt. One threaten of legal action for unlawful detainment and the store folds like a cheap suit.

    • Well, as long as you still maintain a customer service attitude and say “Which register did you use so we can print you a new receipt? You used a credit card, right?” That doesn’t sound at all like you’re accusing them of anything. In fact, it sounds like your first assumption is that they DID pay for it. I’ve actually been able to deter some fairly high dollar theft by acting that way.

  3. When I started my first retail job, this was on one of the training videos (but looked like it could have predated VHS, lol) and the thief even found a lost receipt to use as part of his scam. The employee(s) in Coop’s shoes didn’t look at said receipt close enough.

  4. If I found myself in the same misfortune as Cooper, my boss wouldn’t care if the item had been paid for or not, because helping the thief with a carry-out would still be considered “customer service”!

  5. Walmart actually doesn’t have door greeters anymore. They have to stand like 30 feet away from the door and they dont check reciepts anymore. Stupidest thing ever.

  6. This is why all stores should lock up the little expensive items and keep the large expensive items in a back room, allowing you to claim them only by taking a slip from the display to the cash register. When customer service leads to shop lifting, inflation goes up and employment goes down. It’s past time for the retail industry to evaluate how their policies are damaging to the economy.

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