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    • And miss two weeks of characters who know better trying to warn him off (or wrestling with the choice to warn him or not), one final arrogant outburst, punctuated with a Saturday strip of Brice’s first day where Mina tells him he’s on the register from 9am to closing? That’s taffy that’s meant to be pulled!

  1. I’m hoping for a Sunday story continuation where Brice mentions he’s giving his two-weeks-notice before going to Delmans, and Stuart fires him on the spot. After all, he’s working for the competition in two weeks’ time, and Stuart’s the kind of paranoid jerk who thinks that anyone willing to work for the competition will sabotage the store.

    After all, Brice would be given the same loyalty he’s showing to Grumbles.

    • The weird thing is as much as Marla wouldn’t mind being rid of Brice, she might actually fight for him to be allowed to work the two week notice, for the same reason Mina wants him to start right away (not having to work extra hours for the two weeks on top of however long it takes to hire a replacement). So she and Zucchini-Head will probably argue about it next week.

    • First, Sunday strips are never part of the daily storyline.

      Second, Stuart had better not fire him on the spot, unless he’s willing to work as Marla’s assistant until another assistant is hired. When she fired Josh suddenly instead of letting him work out his 2 weeks she had to work open to close until Arthur was hired. At least that was her own doing. If Stuart did it to her, she’d be livid and rightly so!

        • Courtney’s firing didn’t fit tightly into a week’s story arc. That was more of a ongoing theme. She last appeared as a employee on May 28 and then fired on June 1st. Sometimes Sunday comics progress the story, but it’s pretty rare. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll have to wait until Monday. We’ll have to see what Norm decides to do with his story telling. He may skip some of the stuff and we don’t return to this storyline until Brice is at his new job. But I doubt if Norm would skip interviewing the new AM.

    • That’s actually likely, that Stuart would fire him immediately, assuming Brice is stupid enough to say where he’s going. Most employers are not interested in having a short-time employee who’s about to go to the competition, for any reason. That’s why you say “I have a better offer” and keep it to yourself.

    • She is not seeing the red flag, she wants him sooner so she doesn’t have to work so hard for 2 weeks since she will be the only manager. Remember Marla has it tough when she fired Josh without a replacement in mind.

      • Yeah, Mina must be working open to close now unless she has someone covering her, maybe a department head or something. How is she having time to interview Brice anyway, someone must be in her store as manager at all times.

      • I just assumed that since part of why she targeted Josh specifically (ie. the Grumbels AM) is to screw Marla, I figured she wanted him to quit without notice to make life tougher for Marla, regardless of the impact on herself.

  2. Mina is so damn obvious. Her assistant manager quit without notice. He tried to give her notice, but she was such a jerk about it. Now she’s stuck. She has to find another fast or she’s with doing two jobs for the duration.
    Which means Brice being a stickler for rules is going to create an obvious problem. I don’t, however, think Mina is clever enough to understand that Brice being a by the book kinda guy is going to make him hard to control

  3. Looking forward to seeing this continue on Monday. Norm however can throw us a curve ball and give the strip the week off and do another week of “Fake Coupons for Retail Employees” or a week featuring “Different types of annoying customers.”

        • I also love them! I like some story arcs, but some drag out too long and some I don’t care much about. I always love the coupons and relatable guest encounters.

        • I love them too, they’re very funny and they give the more minor characters a spot if they’re not part of the going storyline. But at this point I would hate it, I want to see what’s going to happen when Brice tells Marla about his new job.

  4. Wow, Brice is consistent. A by-the-book guy even when he’s just itching to tell Marla see-ya. Mina may eagerly want Brice on board to do the grunt work such as opening cashier, but does she have the patience to lure Brice fully into her web? She’s got him interested but can she close the deal? His scruples may be his salvation.

  5. I’m thinking Brice, being so “by the book”, might actually be able to get rid of Mina and her underhandedness. Then he and Marla will be direct competitors.

  6. Mina needs some one ASAP. In two weeks the job may not be there for Brice then he will have nothing unless Marla is willing to take him back.

  7. Above all, Mina is trying to screw Marla. Brice could be anybody as long as the “steal away” hurts Marla. Brice won’t like it there and he will be asking to come back to Grumbel’s. I could see a “fun” future scenario where Stuart forces Marla to take him back.

  8. Frankly, Marla knows what Mina is really like and despite not getting along with Brice I don’t she would in good conscience not warn him about her. In fact I think everyone (with the exception of Cooper possibly) might try to warn him against it. Brice of course won’t listen.

    I just fear Stuart will somehow pin this on Marla like he usually does.

  9. Mina doesn’t want Marla to know until after the deal is “done and done”; until after he’s actually signed up and committed. Because Brice is putting in his notice, Mina’s afraid of what Marla might say or do to convince Brice that he should stay.

    • Isn’t the issue that she has 2 more days until she’s out an assistant manager, and she’s hoping she can get Brice to join her ASAP so she won’t have to go without one for 12?

  10. I wonder if there is something in place that states that management cannot leave Grumbles to work for the competition for at least a year after their last day. Like a non-compete clause of some sort. That would really screw both Mina and Brice over, and they’d both be quite deserving of it.

    • The only time I can imagine that being plausible in retail is if you’re actually making the products, like a bakery that doesn’t bring everything in frozen/pre or partially baked. There are no real intimate secrets between retail outside of this, only similarities and differences in processes.

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