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  1. With regard to the grammar, Brice is absolutely right. Plus the customer is being a jerk.
    Americans generally don’t ask permission to be of assistance. The distinction between “can” and “may” is not just a matter of grammar, but also of context and cultural connotations. Americans generally don’t ask permission to be of assistance for the same reason Americans rejected the English word “master” for the Dutch word “boss” more than two hundred years ago, and what Jefferson meant when he wrote “All men are created equal”. In this country, no one is “master” and no one is “servant”.
    That said, Brice has yet to learn how to deal with a-holes in a customer service context. Rule one is to apologize and then refuse to help them in an agreeably passive/aggressive manner

    • “Rule one is to apologize and then refuse to help them in an agreeably passive/aggressive manner”

      Hee hee hee! Love the way you put that!

      • Exactly, I can go out of my way to help you or I can do the bare minimum. It is a choice and if you are a jerk to me you just shifted the odds of my choice.

  2. The phone customer sounds just like teachers I used to have. One of us would say “Can I do such and such?” and the teacher would say “I don’t know, can you?”
    BTW, which store is this, Grumbels or Delmans? Has he begun at Delmans yet? Or is he finishing out his 2 weeks at Grumbels?

    • If I’m not mistaken Sunday’s editions of a comic strip are submitted at different times than the rest of the weeks’ strips. This is why you hardly, if ever, see a continuation of a story line that plays throughout the week.

  3. LOL, this reminds me of a real life story:

    Customer: Can I buy some cigarettes?
    Me (clowning around): I don’t know. Can you?
    Customer: What? Oh, sorry. ‘May’ I buy some cigarettes?
    Me: I don’t know if you can or you may. I need to see some ID first for either one.
    Customer (laughs): Oh, I get it. Here.
    Me: Great! I guess you can and may. Assuming you have money too. I wouldn’t care, but my boss would…

  4. Urgh, I hated these customers. They always did it to try to feel superior to me in some way. My immediate thought whenever these customers came along was, “Wellp, since you have to be a jerk in order to feel better about yourself, I guess I’ll also have to be a jerk to make MYSELF feel better and give you nothing extra outside of what you specifically ask for.”

  5. If I were Brice, the last panel would be me saying, “No, I’m sorry, you’ve dialed the wrong number….” +CLICK+

  6. Just wanted to say I think you’re handling the Brice arc amazingly. It creates relief that Brice is gone, but the drama from replacing him is good groundwork for another fun arc. And all that while satisfying the readers by sort of punishing Brice a little, I love it

    • Well he’s not gone yet. He hasn’t even given his notice to Marla. Let’s see how that goes (she’ll be torn between wanting to throw a party and being upset that she has to go through the hiring process again, “aided” by Stuart no doubt)

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