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    • Yes, yesterday many thought they knew what to do. This changes everything!! How often this happens in real life!!

  1. So Brice puts in his notice and then Marla has a dilemma whether or not to tell him about the GM position or accept his resignation.

    • Not really a dilemma. Marla’s going to loose an assistant manager regardless and Steward is the one who wants Brice to know. Brice is going to have to figure out whether take the manager position loaded with the same Grumbles BS that he’s trying to get away from, or the assistant manager position with higher pay but a gamble on whether it’s a better or worse job.

      • I have a feeling the salary that Delmans is giving him as AM is still higher then store manager, so he will take Delmans.

        • I have a feeling that Brice still won’t be happy, in the end. Be it from Delmans or Gumbels he’s tired of some fairly universal problems in the retail field.

        • I think he’d be better off to take the SM position rather than the AM position under Mina unless the difference in money is a lot. Even then it may be better to take the SM position, though it means he has to move. He’d still be answerable to Stuart but not Mina. Stuart is probably the lesser of two evils here and Brice will have his own AM to kick around.

      • He obviously hasn’t, if he had Marla would be telling Stuart now, or she would’ve already called him. She only says he’s closing tonight. So now Stuart will call him later on.

    • If it’s a step up to SM, I’m sure it will be. I had suggested that since Brice had been AM for about a year, he might be due for a raise. I didn’t see this twist, but it’s along the same lines – Brice either messes himself over by changing or is forced into a choice.

      And then there’s a third possibility – Brice backs out of his agreement with Mina and the investigation clears management of all wrong-doing so no position opens up.

      • I hadn’t counted on this new twist, but let’s hope whichever decision Brice makes comes back to bite him in the butt.

  2. Would Brice even be eligible for this new management position after he’s revealed to be a traitor with no loyalty to the company?

    • I’m pretty confident in guessing that Brice hasn’t announced his resignation to Marla yet. Which means, other than Mina’s expectations (and he doesn’t start the job until he actually shows up, no matter what he’s promised), nobody has any idea as to what’s going on.

      Which means, other than Marla now expecting to lose him, it’s possibly going to be surprises all around.

    • That reminds me he was giving donny flack up the wazo for takeing a swcind job becuse he wants better pay due to lack of loyalty…. Now hes leaveing the company entirely for better pay.

  3. The option most loaded with karma is that Brice does what Mina’s subtly encouraging and quits without notice at the beginning of his shift tonight. Marla can then tell him it’s too bad he had to do that, because now Stuart will have to find someone else for the GM position that’s opening up soon.

    ….so Brice gets exactly what he wanted, but now he has to deal with working under Mina while KNOWING he screwed himself out of a GM position.

  4. Assuming that no one finds out about Brice’s treachery in making an agreement to go over to the competition, and he has a choice between AM at Delman’s and SM in NH, he will have to move to take the NH position. That will be a determining factor.

    • Good point. A lot of people have screwed themselves out of golden opportunities because they were unwilling to move.

  5. Since Brice, for all his flaws as a AM, is a stickler for the rules, I was wondering how he would react to being under Mina and likely, asked to do things that are against the rules but also unethical. Unlike Marla, who only skimped on the rules and nitty-gritty to improve the overall situation of her store and to help people.

    Now… I don’t even know what I want to see. I just know it will be good!

  6. A long time ago, Marla thought she would be replaced by Josh, and was going to quit. But then she finds out that she was actually being promoted to General Manager

    • The comic all but explicitly said that Stuart was planning promote Josh over Marla’s head to the GM position, but changed his plan at the last second to suck up to the new female DM who replaced Jerry.

      • He actually did offer the AM job to Josh which would’ve left Marla out in the cold (I have never forgiven him for this) but Josh didn’t want it, IIRC he planned to go back to school or do volunteer work that would look good on a resume.

      • Well, what if this isn’t a vertical promotion (Asst. Manager to Store Manager), but a horizontal promotion (Asst. Manager in one region to Asst. Manager in another region). Stuart might just be seeing this as a way to give Brice different experiences before Brice weasels his way into corporate.

  7. So one year ago Brice was a department supervisor. Then he got promoted to assistant manager Now a store manager position is available for him.

    I’m surprised Marla isn’t angrier about that timeline.

    • There are often more opportunities to jump from AM to SM than from SM to above. I used to work for a great SM but corporate consistently refused to promote him higher because he didn’t have a college degree.

      • I meant that Marla rotted in the position of Stuart’s assistant manager for years and years, while Brice gets an offer of managing a store 13 months after we heard his name.

        I can see that it’s facilitated by Stuart, who likes Brice, while Marla’s DM hated her guts, but it’s one more slap in her face and I’m surprised she doesn’t have a thought balloon about it, at least. Maybe later in the week.

  8. Would someone actually want to move from Rhode Island (probably) to New Hampshire for a retail manager position? When I worked in retail in the 1980s (DC area, office supply, art supply, book store) turnover was fairly high even among managers. I became a manager after six months or so because I was one of the senior sales clerks, and I lasted about six weeks (57-hour weeks, mostly) before I got fed up and burned out. The manager of the book store offered me an assistant manager position the day I walked in, but it would have been a pay cut from my art supply store job and I was looking for a second job to supplement that job.

  9. Unexpected/10. Yet another great plot twist from Norm!

    Of course Stuart wants to promote a terrible Assistant Manager that’s disliked by his entire staff, but have we come to expect anything less from Zucchini Head?

  10. Here’s my prediction. Stuart offers Brice the promotion. Brice assumes that means Stuart has been spying on him (based on Stuart’s paranoia about Marla’s car breakdown last plot arc) and goes off on him. Stuart figures out from that Brice isn’t loyal to Grumbels, and withdraws the offer. Brice does something to mess up the offer from Mina, and ends up with nothing. Cue Willie Wonka moment…

  11. Brice comes in to tell Marla that he’s giving notice but, before he can do so, Marla tells him that Stuart has news for him. He gets the offer but tries to parlay a larger raise mentioning Mina’s offer.
    Stuart is aghast that his golden boy went behind his back but doesn’t waste the opp to blame Marla for driving him to it. He also remembers Josh attempting the same thing & tells Brice “Fine! Leave!”
    Brice leaves to work for Mina but quickly realizes his mistake so now he has to figure out a way to undo the damage.

  12. I think the question on the table is: does Marla want Brice totally out of her hair as in a different state or does she want Brice antagonizing and being antagonized by Mina?

    • If I was her, and feeling petty, I would talk Brice into the SM job, gets him outta my hair and screws over Mina at the same time!

  13. My guess is that Brice will accept the store manager position and Mina will assume Marla did this to spite her and go after her even more in the future. 🙂 Since rationality is not Mina’s strong suit.

  14. Marla: But you can’t leave me without AM now! The payroll is too low, and we need all of our salaried employees.
    Stuart: Don’t worry, I’m sending you a few candidates to interview.
    ** fast forward **
    * Marla is interviewing the candidates *
    * Brice notices it *
    * Brice feels betrayed and makes a scene *

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