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    • Maybe the SM is going to be either demoted or fired, depending on how much the situation proves to have been his/her fault or responsibility? Then a new SM will be needed either way, but the former SM might not necessarily leave.

    • or it might be 2 different stores and the manager’s stories on some even differ, one big enough to get fired for lying about.

      • When things like this happen, the people who get on Stuart side, and people like Marla who get kicked out of the way. I always remember part of this verse. If he were of the world the world would love it’s own.

    • In all fairness to Brice he is not an ineffective mangier, if he had a touch more respect for the staff under him and was willing to work the floor I would not mind him as much. I have had a boss like that before, all business and not wanting to be personal with anyone but the difference was the one I am remembering was willing to hop on a register or even do cleanups if needed.

  2. SM – Store Manager
    AM – Assistant Manager
    DM – District Manager

    Oh yeah Marla will do what she has to to get by. Probably having mixed feelings. “Oh glory, we’ll be getting rid of Brice!” and “Now I have to start interviewing for another assistant manager and til I hire someone I’ll be working open to close. And putting up with whoever Stuart recommends!”

    • What I don’t get in Retail world is how there are only two managers to cover every shift in an entire department store. I worked for Barnes & Noble and most of their stores have five people who can run a shift and have keys to the store – a store manager, two assistant managers, and two merchandising managers. How does a store only have two managers to cover the whole week and have any days off?

      (And I haven’t commented here in many months; how am I posting comments “too quickly”?)

      • Totally agreed. Last fall when Marla was supposed to go to that boring meeting (the one she took the day off from since it was such a beautiful day) with Brice, she left Val in charge. Val is a department head. Grumbels is a pretty large store so having only 2 managers is stupid. If one gets sick the other has to work open to close? I wonder just how realistic this is.
        As for posting too quickly, if you haven’t posted, you have no idea the torture this site can put you through. I often get the thing about java cookies or whatever, which means there’s a glitch so you can’t post. I’ll notice on those days there are only a couple comments so others must be having the same trouble. There’s also something about a comment being too short so if you were to post “I agree!” that’s not enough.

        • I’m fairly certain that the stores I worked in were required to always have someone in the store who had the keys to the building and the alarm and safe code (the only non-managers who could open the safe were head cashiers). Leaving the equivalent of a department head in charge wouldn’t happen.

          I read the strip and comments every day; I’ve seen plenty of comments on the comment glitches! I also wonder if there are issues when there aren’t a lot of comments.

        • As for the Java cookies, the Comics Kingdom site has a lot of problems on a regular basis. I think I’ve solved the problem by using a Ctrl-F5 before posting. (That’s a super refresh.) That seems to clean things up.

      • I think here in comic land, there are only two managers for simplicity’s sake. In the real word, there would be a bunch. There would also be more lower level employees too. This Grumbels is a three story store. No way the characters we see could run it.

      • When I last worked retail we had a SM and an ASM. The three department heads where also key holders and could open and close the store. It could be Grumbles has more stringent rules on key holding and Val and Cooper are the only other people certified to open and close the store.

  3. Brice will have to choose : AM at Delman’s and work under/with Mina to become her flying monkey OR SM at another location and become a Mina clone, because he’s not going to change.

    He may exhibit some sliver of humanity, but never to those below him in the foodchain.

  4. I’m guessing Brice will go to NH rather than take the AM position with Mina. After all as SM Brice would think that he can run things his way and make everything perfect. Of course real world will hit him hard and he’ll find it as bad if not worse than at Marla’s store. Best of all though, both he and Mina will be screwed.

    • This is assuming that Mina wasn’t able to wrap him around her finger enough that he either no-call, no-shows, or gives his two weeks by phone, without finding out about this new possibility first. A situation that would leave marla with an interesting quandary on her hands.

  5. I wonder how the Grumble’s SM pays? Remember Mina’s comment she didn’t know Grumble’s paid so low. Will it be Brice gets more as AM at Dillman’s or will he take the senior title – climbing the management pole. We’ll see. Interesting twist.

    • Wait if the pay as SM isn’t enough he can prove that he has a job offer from the competition for more money and Zucchini Head will either match or beat it to retain Brice’s employment. He does enjoy the kiss ups.

    • Since Brice made his demand based on his current salary, I think it’s safe to say that a SM at Grumbles will make more then the salary he “negotiated”.

  6. I heard Marla’s tone as soon as I read the line. 🙂 My normal flat sarcastic line of “Oh, how will I survive?” in a situation like that.

    And I still miss Arthur. 🙁

    • Yeah me too. But as someone pointed out last week I think it was, if you have a good AM it’s not as interesting as if you have a disgusting one, for whatever reason. We liked Arthur and hated Josh and Brice but they’re more interesting maybe because we enjoy hating them so much.

      • every story needs an antagonist, that is why I will miss Brice in a way if this does work out for him leaving. He is indeed a good contract to the main cast, creating friction while not being an inherently bad person.

  7. I think Brice is going to be so smug about turning in his two weeks that he isn’t even going to let Marla speak. “Oh, it’s no use begging me to stay, I’ve already made up my mind.” So he isn’t going to have a clue about the SM position until Stewart asks at some point, and then it will be too late. Of course this will all be Marla’s fault somehow in Stewart’s eyes, but that is pretty much SNAFU anyway.

    • I want Marla to tell Brice about the SM opening before he gets to quit. Then, after Brice decides to take the SM job and tells Mina no, have someone (Amber?) rat him out to Marla (I’m guessing Mina and Brice had their discussion in the mall food court – easily accessible to anyone else from Grumbels to “spy” on them). Marla fires Brice on the spot (like she did to Josh), then Brice goes running back to Mina, only to find out it’s too late.

      • That’s one way to play out. I predicted a few days ago that he’ll back out on Mina and then this new position will fail to open up (I was thinking the investigation would clear the SM, but it could be that someone with more pull than Stuart puts their lackey in the job) – Brice then finds himself stuck right where he is now.

        • Or….. Brice does get the job, and falls flat on his face. Or perhaps the old employee sues to get his job back. Either way, that could demote a humbled Brice back down to Marla.

  8. If he wasn’t willing to standing in one place to work a cash register for an hour I doubt he’ll be willing to travel since that takes considerably more effort.

  9. Ohhhh maaaaannnnn I’m feeling ever so slightly guilty about how much I’m enjoying this current chain of events. XD

  10. I suspect that Brice will take the SM job. Mina will blame Marla for ‘stealing’ Brice away from him and will try and undermine Marla as they both search for a new AM at the same time.

  11. “Hey, Stuart, You know, I may not want the position, but I’d would have loved to have been considered…”

    Where is that thought balloon?

  12. I have an idea. Perhaps the new AM could go the other way and be the kind of immature, unprofessional, somewhat-creepy frat boy that makes you wish you could no-call just to avoid dealing with him. The kind who constantly picks on Christians and “squares” with overtly racy jokes and other idiotic, annoying trolling, blares sweary gangsta music on closing shifts after the last customer leaves, takes long breaks, and so on. Not necessarily an incompetent goof-off who never gets his work done, but someone who has all the wrong kinds of fun while they get their work done, especially after the doors lock for the night. Then Marla has to get all up in his grill so that the store staff can at least stand to work with him, but without dropping the hammer so hard that she becomes a killjoy and an antagonist herself.

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