26 thoughts on “April 26, 2012

  1. I have the opposite problem. Supervisors and other coworkers shorten my name, and when you ask them to stop, they claim it’s a habit.

      • I used to shorten people’s names too out of habit. When they’d ask me to stop I’d make an honest effort to stop. What I always loved is when they would threaten to shorten mine from Steven to Steve….. um yeah that hurts…

  2. We should have seen this coming. The one answer to Josh’s reign of terror is the one answer to every problem: Lunker!

  3. Looks like Little Stewart has pissed off Lunker in record time, hopefully that quick little verbal attitude adjustment sticks with him.

  4. Josh is reminding me of a newly minted manager we have. I predict formal complaints are being drafted for the moment that Marla comes back.

  5. Isn’t ‘Mel’ a shortened name or nickname already? Storytime! Back in college days (yep a long time ago sonny!), an instructor asked a classmate a question “Larry, what is….?” He cut his question short by stating ” You only have two choices- call me Laurence or call me Buzz”. He still graduated in the top 2%…

    • On the flip side, my dad had a colleague who insisted on calling him “Lawrence.” It didn’t matter how many times my dad explained that Larry was not his nickname…it was the name his mom put on the birth certificate…the guy still insisted on calling him “Lawrence.” He said nicknames were “vulgar!”

      • I feel bad for kids who have ‘nicknames’ as their legal names. Why do that to a kid? It limits their options.
        My cousin Kathy (not Catherine) went by Kat for a while.

        As a contrast, I knew a girl named Patricia who also went by Trisha or Trish. Inspired, I came up with the “ultimate” girl’s name because it has so many ways to shorten it into different nicknames.


        Liz, Elisa, Elisabeth, Beth, Bethany

  6. I used to hang out with a guy that everyone called “Lurch”, and I thought it was kind of a nasty nickname (he was HUGE, probably close to a real life equivalent of Lunker) until I found out that Lerch is actually his last name!

  7. Yes, Josh, because heaven forbid you should get close to your fellow employees. Jeez, at least ACT like you care about them!

  8. I used to have a friend by the name of Matthew. For years he wouldn’t tolerate being called Matt. When we hit 8th or 9th grade I came over to his house and said “Hi Matthew”. He responded with “Call me Matt”. I said to him, “I’ve been calling you Matthew ever since we became friends. That is not going to change! Get used to it!”. That put an end to that and going forward the only people who called him Matthew were myself and one of his grandparents.

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