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      • I think he’s not going to give her a chance to talk. He’ll probably say what he has to say, then go back to the floor to start his shift, leaving Marla dumbfounded.

        Marla will call Stewart and let him figure out what to do. Stewart will feel betrayed and let Brice know that he just lost a promotion.

      • I think she has a lot of integrity but she also wants to have a bit of fun now and then. If she had perfect integrity she’d have gone to that awful boring meeting last September instead of taking the day off and pretending her car broke down on the road. It was surprising that she actually took the day off, but now and then you just have to do something like that or go nuts.

  1. I’m so hoping Marla just accepts his resignation and calls Stuart saying Brice has resigned for a job at the competitors. After what happened with the blond kiss up (I’m drawing a blank on his name Josh I think…) lying about that to get a raise I bet Stuart will be super jaded.

    • This is what I hope happens too. Actually the minute he says he’s taking a job with Delman’s working as Mina’s AM she may not believe him based on what Josh did. She may think this is a repeat of that “Pay me more or I’m defecting to the competitor.” He may not even know about Josh. She may laugh in his face. If she does take him seriously I totally hope she calls Stuart to tell him the news and does not tell Brice about the promotion he could’ve had.

  2. It’s like two freight trains heading towards each other on the same track.

    You know what is about to happen but you can’t…look…away…

  3. I actually feel a bit bad for Brice— I don’t think he is intentionally a thorn in Marla’s side, I just think he’s been manipulated by TPTB and cant’ actually see reality. He’s been so caught up in the corporate buy-in that he doesn’t grasp reality. He is not inherently evil like Josh and Stuart.

    I’m not sure how I’d like this go- working as a SM or with Mina could both make him realize how much better and more effective Marla is in her position. And as much as he is a thorn in the side, he does provide entertainment value

    • This. He needs to be knocked down several more pegs, but I don’t have the same ire for him that I had for Stuart and Josh when they both worked with Marla.

    • Evil? I’d have to disagree, at least in the case of Stuart. He’s not malicious–just so dedicated to being a manager that he doesn’t have a lot of empathy left. (Remember–he did give Marla a wedding present and told her he realized they didn’t always see eye-to-eye.)

      I had one manager (not in retail) whom I’d classify as evil. She had frequent tantrums and would go stomping around shouting “I am in control and you are to do everything I say!” She delighted in exercising power over people beneath her and lied about what she did.That’s what I would call evil. Stuart’s just oblivious.

  4. I just noticed something, look at how Brice holds up his hand just as Marla’s talking, so he can interrupt her. I hate it when people do that! If he’d listened since his manager was speaking first, he may have learned something that would’ve changed everything. But because he had to be a jerk and demand to speak first, he will suffer for it. Mightily.

    • Also the closed eyes. Like he can’t even be bothered to look at her as he interrupts. Makes me read his words in a very condescending tone.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking. Brice will have gotten all the way to saying that he’s already accepted the new position and that she will have to accept his resignation before she even gets a word in edgewise.

      At that point, since he will have committed himself to a course of action already, Marla can say “too bad, because Stuart had a store manager position waiting for you … but since you’ve already resigned …”

      I just hope Norm occasionally brings in a week of strips from Delman’s so we can see Mina and Brice making each other crazy.

    • He’s probably under a bit of stress. He has loyalty, of a sort, and he’s betraying it… sort of. It’s not a dishonorable thing he’s doing, but he’s still cutting ties. which isn’t always easy.

      I had one of my assistants hyperventilating by the time he got out that he was giving me his two week’s notice, he was that worried about how I would react. Despite him making an incredibly good move on his part, into a field he had been wanting to get into for a long time.

      Some people dream of how they’ll leave a company. Some people dread it. That’s just how people are.

      • Um, just to be sure what I said was understood: one of my assistant managers started hyperventilating while he was trying to let me know he was going to be leaving… I didn’t do anything to cause it.

    • Like that would be something new. In Stuart’s eyes, anything that happens at that store which doesn’t match his vision, plans, and expectations is her fault.

      Been that way since the beginning of the strip.

      Which gets me thinking: Hey, Norm, have you ever considered a week of “flashback” strips where Marla is just starting out as a sales associate and Stuart is only an AM?

      • That would be from before the strip began. It began on January 1, 2006 and Marla was AM and Stuart SM. I think it’s a great idea, though things would probably not be much different. It would be interesting to know who the SM was who Stuart worked under. Jerry? Remember him, he was gak AWFUL and hated Marla so much, called her Darla and was so condescending and sexist and just plain a pain in the rump!

  5. To all of you who are hoping Marla won’t tell Brice about the promotion offer:

    That’s what Brice would do.


    • I think Marla is going to try to tell him and Brice isn’t going to let her get a word in edgewise. He’ll see all her attempts to say anything as her trying to beg him to stay which he “doesn’t have to hear” because “it’s too late”.

      • I don’t think Marla is going to tell him. I think she’s going to tell Stuart what happened and Stuart is going to panic and try to convince Brice to take the promotion instead. Why tell Brice if you can have Zucchini Head do it for you? I say this because Marla’s trying to say in Panel 1 that Brice needs to call Stuart.

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