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  1. “Oh… Well, if that’s what you think is best. Your resignation is accepted. I’ll tell Stuart to look for someone else for that store manager job.”

    “Wait. What?! I… I take it back!”


    • Marla would be crazy to let Brice stay when he turns in his notice and was such a jerk about it too. He’s made it clear he’ll jump ship for a better deal.

      I don’t know a manager who would put up with that. Via con dios, Brice

    • Is this really a mess though? Whether he goes to Delman’s or the other Grumbel’s, he leaves and is out of her hair. Sure, Stuart might blame her if he still goes to Delman’s but he’s not going to actually *do* anything except be miserable about it and he’s always miserable.

      Honestly, the only way she loses here is if Brice decides to stay and wait for the opening and for some reason they don’t fire any of the managers in the other store so he doesn’t get promoted.

  2. “Get off the track! Get out of there!”

    Brice, at the throttle of Train #1, Professional Career, unwilling to look ahead and see the other train, Horrendous Decision, and saying, “I know what I’m doing!”

    • ♪♫ Driving that train, being a pain,
      Bricie Jones you’d better watch your speed.
      Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
      And you know that notion’s not crossed his mind. ♪♫

      • Trouble with Brice isn’t trouble with me.
        He has two good eyes, but he still doesn’t see.
        Gone round the bend, doesn’t think it’s the end.
        Stuart just screams and Marla’s eye gleams.

  3. Marla tells Stuart that Brice gave his 2 weeks notice, he’s leaving for Delman’s, and he doesn’t want to talk to him. It’s all true, although not in full detail or context.

  4. Now it is for Marla to decide how to move, does she tell him about the opening and offer to just ignore this conversation or take his notice then tell him?

    • Well, since Brice has gone full-jackass, I would accept his resignation today and notify Stuart that Brice is no longer available for the SM position. Brice *WILL* have to speak to Stuart at some point in the next two weeks, but by then, it’ll be too late for Brice to back out.

      Stuart will blame Marla, of course, but then, that’s a given for virtually everything. No matter what Stuart and Brice think, Marla has been the reasonable one throughout this whole situation.

      It sucks that Marla is going to have to find a new AM, but perhaps this time she can pick one who ISN’T a Stuart clone. She was kind of coerced into picking Brice.

      On another note, I wonder if Cooper might make a good AM? He has really buckled down since his promotion, and shows a great deal of responsibility, reliability, and initiative.

      Nah. That would remove most of the conflict in store management. There has to be SOME conflict there, or how would it be funny?

      • It could be a lot of fun with Cooper as AM, but as we know Stuart won’t allow for that. What a shame. It’s as if to him a person can’t mature and change for the better. Not that Cooper in the beginning wasn’t already a great guy but face it, he was not AM material. Now he is. But never to Stuart. As far as Stuart is concerned Cooper has gone as high as he can go. If anyone should defect to another store, it’s him, for the sake of his career.

  5. Well hello Mr Sanctimonious. I really hope this blows back in his face. However what I am really looking forward to is whatever hell Mina has cooking for him.

    • Me too, I want him to fall on his knees begging TPTB to let him relive these past few weeks so he wouldn’t make the same horrible mistake he’s making but alas, too late, we can’t go to the past and change things!

  6. I would definitely accept the notice (In writing) and not tell him about the job.

    If he had managed some dignity at this point I would have told him….. but making it out like that and like she has done something wrong…. well. screw him. He can go work for evil cow and someone else can get the promotion.

  7. Not even the worst way. We had a manager quit by putting his notice in the redbook. That was literally his only communication to that effect. He was surprised when nobody tried to convince him to stay.

    Another manager, this one a GM, quit via email. Then, when the TRAINEE manager got there, handed over her keys with a “You got this, bye.”

    Basically, Brice is just a smug a-hole and this will bite him in the behind. Marla will come out fine.

  8. Here I was giving Brice the benefit of the doubt, but alas he’s a nutter…

    I like how he is focused on what he is going to say he’s not even listening to what Marla is saying… He should have thought something odd when Marla said “oh did you already talk to Stuart” and “explain what”…

    He’s going to quickly shoot himself in the foot.
    It’s like on survivor when someone says “our alliance is so strong and so&so is going home” and then the former person is voted out.

    • He thought that Marla was asking if he had already told Stuart about his resignation, which, to be fair, is a reasonable assumption to make given that he knows that Marla knows that he and Stuart are or were on very good terms.

  9. I’d ask him, if there’s anyway he could reconisder, and if not. I would accept his two week notice in writing, and say well I guess stuart will have to look for another Sm, since you don’t want it. Oh and BTW. Stewart and Stuart are both the write spelling for the name, it’s just that the creator, writes Stuart.

    • “stewart” and “stuart” are the write (sic) spelling for the name”

      Not really, just because there are multiple ways to spell a name, does not make it correct when you use a different spelling than someone does for their name… Writing “Stewart” is incorrect when his name is spelled Stuart.

    • oh so you’d just say that Amy is the correct spelling for Aimee and vice versa? Just because someone likes one spelling and spells her name that way, you can insist on writing the name the other way. Stuart and Stewart are both names yes. They sound the same. This one’s name is Stuart though.

      (and since you’re on the topic of spelling, it’s right, not write in this context. Or maybe you think it doesn’t matter since both words exist and sound the same? They actually mean two very different things).

  10. This is pretty bad for Marla. Exit interviews are conducted by Head Office, in this case, by Stuart. Every grievance, every slight, every time protocol was ignored will be brought up and examined in that interview and it all lands at Marla’s door. Of course the issue of the promotion will be brought up – here’s hoping she has the sense to mention it to Brice.
    If this were the real world, Marla would be under review.

    • No retailer I’ve ever worked for did exit interviews for anyone as low on totem pole as an assistant manager. You’re just a cog in the machine.

      • Really? Every retail employee I had always did one. It was mostly “so why are you quitting”. The one time it was so dumb, the manager knew I quit because I graduated and was moving across country to work in my field, but had to ask me all these silly questions anyways for the record.

  11. I was under the impression that Brice was going to leave without notice based on the last strip with Mina. I guess Norm wants to keep all possibilities open for the suspense.

    Without telling Brice about the SM position Marla should tell Stuart about Brice leaving and leave it to him whether he still tells Brice. I’m torn about what Stuart will do. On the one hand he really wants Brice for the other store. But he’s going to be totally ticked off that he wants to leave for Delman’s.

  12. Oh this gets better and better! He won’t talk to Stuart himself, he wants her to do it, why? To tell him he’s defecting to Delman’s because she’s a crummy manager! And Mina will be so much better! He has no IDEA what kind of manager Mina is! He’s never talked to any of her store employees, he only assumes she’s better than Marla, and we know what assume means, don’t we? Only in this case he alone is the azzzzzzzz!
    So this conversation will continue thus:
    Brice: You’ll have to explain why you lost me to Delmans.
    Marla: What do you mean why *I* lost you to Delman’s? You mean you’re planning to quit Grumbel’s and go work for Delman’s here in the mall? With Mina as your store manager? (feeling the need to laugh insanely)
    Brice: That’s right. I’ve interviewed with Mina and I’m going to work for her after filling out my 2 weeks here. And you know why.
    Marla: I know why? No, I don’t think I do. I think you’d better explain it to me.
    Brice: Alright. Your management style leaves a lot to be desired. (fill in a lot of petty grievances on how he’d do things differently).
    Marla: Well, as I’ve explained to you over and over, I’ve done the best I could with the conditions under which I was placed. If you feel that working for Mina will be better, I wish you well in the choice you’ve made. I’ll call Stuart and tell him.
    Brice leaves the office and Marla waits til he’s a distance away before bursting into uproarious laughter!

    • “You’ll have to explain why you lost me to Delmans.”

      He said it like she already knew that’s why he was giving his notice, too. Um…hey, Brice, you hadn’t told her that part yet. (As if she’s going to voluntarily give Stuart a list of his particular grievances against her. Stuart will blame her, anyway; she’s not going to give him extra ammunition.)

      Also, I’d have the laughter start as soon as the door closed behind him, while he can still hear it, leaving him with an uneasy feeling in the back of his brain, since he obviously expects her to be devastated.

      • He’d think she was laughing to cover the tears! And yeah does he really expect her to tell Stuart, “He’s leaving because I’m a crummy manager.” Or “because he thinks I’m a crummy manager.” As if. I’d tell Stuart “Brice has handed in his two week notice. He’s going to work for Delman’s.” Then hold the phone away from your ear because Stuart is going to go through the roof! “Why that….. !!! “

  13. Unfortunately,I can see it heading that…
    Brice gets told by Stuart about the promotion chance
    Brice decides not to go to Delman’s,but to take the promotion.
    Whoever got fired up in New Hampshire appeals and gets reinstated.
    The job is no longer available for Brice,so he gets brought back to Smithfield!!

    Or…Stuart finds out Brice is going to Delman’s and asks why he hasn’t taken the promotion chance.
    When Brice doesn’t know anything about it,Stuart will blame Marla for not telling him-and being Stuart,he’ll accuse her of having done it deliberately to stop Brice getting the chance….

    • To which Marla will reply, “I said I’d tell him to call you, not that I’d tell him about the opening. I thought you would want to be the one to do that.”

      Besides, Stuart’s the one hiring for the open position; he should be the one to bring it up with Brice.

      • True. Her only message to Brice needs to be “Stuart wants you to call him.” But he’s refused to do so which is insubordination.

        • Marla has, in fact, done exactly what she said she’d do — she told Brice to call Stuart, only he refused to do so and announced he’s giving his two weeks.

  14. Cardinal rule of leaving a place of employment: Don’t burn bridges.

    And here I thought Brice was a stickler for the rules.

  15. Not sure why people are saying this will look bad for Marla. This whole arc came about because Brice was too high and mighty to work a cash register for a single hour a day. It’s not like she was asking him to man the helm while she took a two week unannounced vacation.

  16. You know, if Brice is allowed to stay for the remaining two weeks, it would be interesting if Mina got impatient and hired someone else. Brice is probably expecting her to keep her word, but you could tell she was annoyed with Brice doing the honorable thing of giving two weeks’ notice.

    I just think it would be kind of ironic if Brice shows up at Delman’s to begin work, only to discover that someone has already started working as assistant manager. Then he’ll really be in trouble.

    • Then again, Mina thinks she’s screwing over Marla in hiring Brice, so she probably would wait for him.

      I wonder who will crack first, Mr. By the Book vs Miss Break Any Rule to Get What I Want. He’ll be appalled at her management style and his will drive her nuts.

  17. He’s going to end up talking to Stuart anyway. Stuart has his phone number. He’s probably going to call him soon and be annoyed because he’ll think Marla didn’t tell him to call.

    Brice is in for at least two shocks: Finding out he was up for a promotion, and possibly learning what it’s really like to work for a bad manager (Mina).

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