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      • That word sure gets thrown around a lot lately but in this case he clearly isn’t if he’s choosing a WOMAN to work for. Plus his reason for leaving is not because Marla is female, but rather her methods that he does not agree with.

          • This 100%! Brice probably got put into a AM position too young for what appears to be his maturity level and probably should have spent more time at this store and as a department supervisor, or what ever you want to call it before getting the AM position anywhere else, let alone SM like Stuart wants to do.

  1. That’s twice in the same conversation that Brice has pulled that arrogantly condescending “talk to the hand” gesture. . . he’s not just burning his bridges, he’s calling in napalm airstrikes on them.

    And with Mina standing on the other side of that bridge, he’s going to be sobbing over it pretty soon.

  2. Somebody better pick up that phone because I totally called it!

    Brice is too busy feeling superior and living out his “they’ll be sorry I’m gone” fantasy. He’ll be like this with everyone for the next two weeks.

    • If he lasts two weeks. Marla doesn’t have to let him finish out his notice. If he gets too unbearable she can tell him to take a hike.

      • Yeah if she wants to work open to close every day. She’d better get started interviewing potential new AM’s immediately.

      • She fired Josh when he insulted her after giving his notice. I presume she can do the same with Brick because, while he’s not quite as bad as Josh, he’s still insulting her and therefore deserves it. Marla, however, should wait it out because of what happened last time and I think she learned her lesson by working 80 to 120 hours a week…

      • I think she’s going to hold off on a decision until she can discuss it with Stuart, given the circumstances. That said, I could very well see Stuart ordering Marla to let him to go now, and she’ll be happy to comply.

        Keep in mind that Brice isn’t just leaving the company, but he is going to work directly for their major rival. Why let him stay any longer when he’ll just use the time to gather info he can pass on to Delman’s?

  3. Few things about Brice’s little mini rant. First, you have to generally be a decent person with ability before someone will respect either. In the second panel I think there was an editing error Brice added two extra letters to one of the words in his last sentence. Finally, yes Brice she is stronger (all the better when she wraps her hands around your little pencil neck).

  4. …and what’s the betting Norm will keep us strung out and next week will be a week of one-off Retail Coupons or something similar!

  5. And when Marla reports back to Stuart how Brice betrayed them professionally rather than take the job….Brice is going to crawl back to Grumbel’s once he realizes what Mina is only to find that Stuart can carry grudges.

    I almost feel sorry for Brice.

    But not THAT sorry.

    • Except that Stuart is never on her side. I can see Marla getting blamed for running away his prized student, more so when Brice spins it that way when he begs for his life/job.

      • That didn’t happen with Josh, though.

        If Marla’s smart she’ll tell Stuart, “I tried to tell Brice about the SM opening but I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.”

        • Stuart is Highly Corporate, but not utterly deranged. And the fact that he sees Brice as a “prized student” will, if anything, make him focus his attention on Brice rather than Marla:

          “You and Marla might not have always gotten along, but *I* went out of my way to fast-track you and *this* is how you repay my trust?”

  6. “Very well, I’ll let Stuart know you aren’t interested in the Store Manager’s position”
    “Thank yo- Wait! What?”

  7. Arrogant, self-absorbed asswaffles like Brice are abundant enough in the real world, but in the end they’re humans and we never know what kind of burdens people carry on their journeys. Cartoon characters are great. With Brice I can feel all the schadenfreude I want without feeling guilty. I hope he ends up nowhere, and with nothing, and with nobody. *chhchhchxxxtttt paTOO!*

    • This! It’s exactly how I feel. I never want to hate real people, though I may despise aspects of their character, their habits etc., but it’s not right to hate real people. With fictional characters we can pour out all of the loathing we want, since they’re not real. I have a few on different TV shows I feel the same way about. The actors play their roles brilliantly, so that you loathe their characters. One is forced behind a wall and bricked up, then later his descendent gets the same treatment and I love it. In real life though, this would be really horrifying, and no matter how much I hated him, I’d have to free him.

  8. Wow, Brice got more than one chance to find out and settle this in a professional manner, and he blew it thanks to his dramatic quitting speech. He had no way of knowing a promotion was opening up the minute he looked elsewhere, but could leave Marla’s store the easy way or the hard way, and his words just made it the hard way. After all, what does Marla care so long as Brice leaves?

  9. I can’t help but wonder what Marla was going to say when she started to say, “Before you take this job, you need to know . . . ”

    Need to know what? That there’s a SM job you could have had for the asking? Or that you need to know you’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when it comes to Mina?

    • It could’ve been either but I think it was about the SM position in New Hampshire. The warning about Mina is almost as important. He brags about Mina being a strong manager, well he’s the one who’ll best know when he starts working for her, she’s gonna crack the whip and it’ll be his back she cracks it on! And everyone will be laughing at him behind his back, in both stores!

  10. Alright Brice, Marla tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen. Holding that hand up again, interrupting, well now you’ve just lost what could’ve been a great opportunity and you have only yourself to blame. I hope you enjoy eating that crow when you do find out about it. You just dug your own grave now go lay down in it!

  11. Brice, why you gotta be so mean.

    Marla is trying to help you and you are shutting her out over a woman you’ve known for 2 hours. You didn’t even talk to other managers there to see what Mina is like. You so deserve anything bad that will happen.

  12. Oh, let him go. He’s young. Let him find out the hard way and get a little lesson in humility, like all young people should. 😉

  13. We still have one more day this week. So what’s it going to be? Stuart’s reaction? Cooper’s reaction? Should be fun.

  14. When Stuart finds out that Brice has given notice and the fact he’s going to Delman’s. He’s going to have a hyperwarp freakout meltdown.
    Stuart may do one or both of two things.
    1:He’ll blame Marla for Brice quitting, or somehow spin it onto Cooper being the main reason. So he’ll either have Marla or Cooper or both try to sweet talk Brice into not leaving until the investigation at the other store is completed, so he can place Brice there.
    2:Stuart will break several traffic laws racing to Marla’s Grumbels location to tackle Brice and tell him not to leave and that there is a position waiting for him at a different store, providing Brice believes him, since in the past Stuart has thrown several Three Stooges pies in Brice’s face when Brice had a lot of friction with Marla and the way she performed her manager duties, especially when Marla did her best to show Brice what type of person Stuart is. Also Marla bent over backwards to try and give Brice every opportunity to become part of the Grumbels crew, even Cooper tried a few times.
    (3:Wildcard scenario) Lunker steps in with one of his famous little observations or, Lunker has completed his version of a full size Tardis and makes a trip with Donnie or Cooper back in time to just before Brice has his encounter Mina and manages to delay Brice leaving long enough for Stuart to tell Brice about the other position at the store after the investigation is completed. Lunker if you see this post, grab Cooper and do a ‘Back to the future’ as soon as possible. Brice may be a major dinkle head super splat. But in my mind, even Brice doesn’t deserve to be bitten by Mina and turned into retail clone of her.

    • If Zucchini Head manages to talk Brice out of leaving with promises of the SM spot, I can almost guarantee that the investigation will prove no wrong doing and the job offer will disappear. This will leave both Marla and Brice miserable, but Stuart happy because he gets to keep Brice.

    • I don’t know– Stuart doesn’t like traitors… Someone so quick to go to the other side may not be SM material that Stuart wants… It can end up that he lets Brice leave, Brice realizes why the position was free and then ends up with nothing.

  15. I’d like to see this arc take a different turn: Marla goes for a transfer to the SM job which, it is said, puts her in New Hampshire. That means she’s possibly out of Stuart’s district/control but puts her in charge of a whole cast of characters. “Meanwhile, back at the ranch” Stuart has to hurriedly promote either Val or Cooper – and being the misogynist he seems to be, he might hold his nose and choose Cooper which could be _real_ interesting. Or, in a stunningly unexpected plot twist, someone at corporate knows how intelligent Lunker really is, and… no, that’s too unlikely!

  16. I see zucchini-head walking in as Brice finishes his rant & asking what’s going on.
    Brice repeats his gripe against Marla while telling Stuart he’s leaving.
    Stuart is thunderstruck & asks Marla if that’s true (treating his golden child so poorly) while asking Brice if Marla told him about the SM opening.
    Brice says “Of course not!” while Marla shrieks that he didn’t give her a chance.
    Brice walks back his two-weeks while Stuart tells him it’ll be fine while giving Marla withering looks.
    He later castigates her for nearly causing Grumbles to lose a valued asset & refuses to listen to anything she says, leaving her in a burning rage.

  17. “Stronger” – yeah, Brice, that’s one way to put it.

    But try “toxic” for accuracy, why doncha? You’ll learn 😉

  18. Likely Stuart already had a candidate for replacement in mind, he’s kind of controlling like that, but this would shake that up. So this should go easy for Marla and someone else gets a promotion. Everyone wins, even Brick, he gets a life lesson or two and who knows, maybe Mina’s management style fits with the kink in his brain.

    I can see Marla breaking it to Stuart Gently ‘He wouldn’t even let me tell him about the SM position Stuart. He said there was no talking him out of it, and then he stormed off.’ And then Stuart would try to tell him, with replacement in tow, and get the same treatment from Brice and his last two weeks are not needed.

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