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  1. Not really a prediction but if Brice were to find out about the SM position before the two weeks were up, I could see a scenario were he could convince Stuart that he was leaving for Delman’s BECAUSE of Marla but otherwise he loves Grumbles and Stuart leadership. He could even point to Marla not telling him about the opportunity as further proof that she has it out for him.

    • Most ‘corporate’ types (and that includes Stuart) take a really dim view of managers even thinking of jumping ship. I think Brice’s future at Grumbel’s (even if he changes his mind and decides to stay) will be pretty limited once Stuart learns of this.

      Regardless, Stuart will find a way to blame Marla. It’s what he’s always done.

  2. I’m sure this won’t bite Marla later. I imagine Brice talking to Stuart and telling him she never mentioned the SM position. Then Stuart does his usual thing and it has some kind of effect on store. Maybe budget or he drags his heels if he has to give Marla help in finding a new AM.

  3. It’s actually Stuart’s place to tell him anyway, which I’m sure he’ll do in the next week or so. Though if I were Marla, I’d at least cover my *** by telling Stuart.

      • Stuart *specifically* told Marla to tell Brice to call him, because he wanted to give Brice the good news personally.

        “I told Brice to call you, but he refused. He says he’s jumping ship to Delman’s and *specifically* doesn’t want to talk to you.”

  4. Oh dear. Not that Brice doesn’t deserve it, but this kind of vindictiveness is very likely to come back and bite Marla in the behind too. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  5. Point for Brice in bringing it up. Demerit for Marla on “forgetting”. I’d think better of her if she passed the message like she promised, or at least said, “Since you gave notice it doesn’t matter anymore.” Either one would be more truthful.

    I can see this coming back and biting her later one. In fact, I wonder if Marla overlooked something to do with Brice’s pay.

    • Board,
      Marla tried to tell him, several times. Each time Brice interrupted her and said, emphatically and clearly, that he didn’t want to talk to Stuart. She is simply respecting his wishes.

    • She didn’t promise to tell Brice- Stuart was going to tell him. When she heard Brice say he was quitting she was going to tell him, but then he became arrogant… She’s not in the wrong- he literally said “there’s nothing you can do to change my mind”

      • There’s nothing SHE can do to change his mind, but there’s something Stuart can do – offer him the position as SM in the store in New Hampshire. I can understand why Marla decided to “forget” what she wanted to tell him, but this will come back to bite her when Stuart finds out. She ought to tell him that Stuart wanted Brice to call him, but not why. If he still refuses, she will call Stuart herself, she needs to talk to him anyway about finding a new AM.

      • @Jackie, @Clara, She said she’d deliver the message to call. She could have done that, or said it no longer mattered (although I’m not sure as it’s her place to decide that.) She could have said it could wait (and then called Stuart to tell him.) Brice is now asking for the information. I understand the emotional root behind this, but to “forget” strikes me as less than honest.

        I should also say that I have a low tolerance for story lines when the character I’m supposed to connect with creates conflict though their own bad decisions. I’ve ditched book and turned off TV shows when that happens. Looking at the comments, I’m not alone in thinking Marla could have handled this better. All I can say is she better get to Stuart first, or she setting herself up for more misery.

        • I can respect your point of view, but if a protagonist never made a bad decision, the chances for conflict would be greatly reduced. Everyone makes poor decisions sometimes. Human beings are flawed, and characters who never screw up are boring. The question is do they learn from it? Do they grow?

          I’m interested to see what happens next, because Norm has a way of surprising us all. 😉

  6. So now when Brice leaves the office, Marla needs to call Stuart and tell him exactly what happened so as to cover herself… There’s still the huge probability she will still get blamed though.

    • She’s Marla. He’s Stuart. Of course he’s going to blame her. He always has and always will, simply because he’s a grade-A asswipe.

      Stuart: “How dare you let such a talented and promising young manager defect to our arch-rival!”
      Marla: “Just one problem – I was going to lose him no matter what.”

  7. Actually, all Marla promised Stuart was that she was going to tell Brice to give him a call — not that she was going to tell him about the promotion.

  8. Can’t hardly wait until Monday. I hope it’s a continuation of the thread and not one offs. After all there is so much to be resolved in a timely manner.

  9. Yeah, Stuart will blame Marla for this, but it won’t hurt her. She does a good job running the store, and Stuart needs more than losing a favored crony to justify really doing anything.

    Plus Stuart does know Marla is very efficient, which is why she got the job in the first place. He may be obnoxious but he’s smart enough to know that driving Marla away is not in his own best interest as district manager.

  10. My prediction: Brice leaves and becomes a reoccurring character. Cameo appearances and all. Marla gets a new am from New Hampshire.

    The new am will be bad in a different way then Brice or Stuart or the other guy.

    • It certainly possible that Brice and Mina will appear from time to time as we watch them run Delman’s. I’m sure Norm has some stories he’d like to tell, but needs a truly evil backstabber of a manager to do that.

      That the new AM will be a source of conflict is a given. Perhaps someone with no drive or initiative. Someone who won’t do anything unless told to. Someone who does little more than occupy the position.

  11. I told you.

    Marla has become Brice. Out of spite she doesn’t tell him. Because, oh no, he was being honest with her.

    And lots of Brices in the comment section cheering for this.

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