42 thoughts on “April 3, 2017


    The return of Mina.

    It has a nice start. I think this is the first time she got what was coming to her.

    (Sorry if this is a double-post. I didn’t see the first one.)

    • Mina finds out Marla didn’t really break down. Gives that information to Brice. Brice uses it to leave his current job and get Marla in trouble with Stuart.

      Probably wrong, but that’s where I see this going.

  2. She’s back! And apparently became store manager at some point, when we last saw her she was still assistant manager to someone named Greg (?) who she was planning to stab in the back. It sounds like this guy (name?) is only the latest in a long line of AM’s who have quit due to her being selfish and mean. Wouldn’t it be interesting if she hired Brice as AM? Imagine Brice having to take orders from her!

  3. For a moment I thought she was getting fired and setting up her trying to go back to Marla begging to be brought back to Grumbels. Marla would never approve, but Zucchini-Head probably would overrule her.

    That’s what I get for reading this when I first wake up (ah, the joys of working night shifts in retail…)

  4. Funny. I was wondering what had happened to this loon just the other day. I’d thought maybe Brad (the Delman’s DM) had fired her after he found out what she did to usurp Greg’s position. (that was mentioned in her previous appearance) Nope! We’re getting a story with her and I’m excited to see her get what’s coming to her.

  5. When I left my first job, that’s kind of how it went down. I gave her my two-weeks, she was a dick about it, so I gave her my 8 hour notice.

  6. I thought as much, given that she’d achieved manager before at A & F… yet clearly didn’t last there and ended up assistant manager at Delman’s. Mina goes up but then she goes down.

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