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    • Sunday and daily comics never match up. Sunday comics take longer because of color, and not all newspapers get both Sunday and daily. So the Sunday comics are seperate from the dailies.

      • Except the dailies are in color, too. Or is that not the case for the print version? Haven’t gotten the local newspaper for years (dispute over an asinine subscription policy).

        • The “long and short of it ” is that Sunday’s edition has a different submission deadline for the cartoonist than does the dailies.

          • Generally.
            There are some print papers (I’ve seen one in Louisville, KY) that use color in their dailies, too.

        • I think it’s more historical than technical anymore. I think it used to be that the Sunday comics were a different run on a different press due to being color. It may even be printed at a large central facility and then distributed to the various papers. But that process required more lead time. While some papers may be able to do color runs, it the historical standard still exists.

  1. If your fragile psyche can’t handle different political viewpoints, you definitely shouldn’t be dating or making friendships outside of your own echo chamber.

    That said: If I was Donnie, I’d have said “you really don’t want to know” before continuing if prodded on by her.

    • I don’t think the problem is handling a different viewpoint as much as it is handling the blowhard no-compromise attitude that can be found on both sides.

      • Sorry, Board Worker,
        that “blowhard no-compromise” attitude is pretty much one side. “False equivalency”, which is the argument you are using to dismiss everybody, is little more than a polysyllabic version of “they do it too”.

          • MDS,
            And you see it all the way up the line?
            At the ground level you can find all kinds of jerks, but where is the “liberal” equivalent to, say, Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter, or Alec Jones? Where is the “liberal” equivalent to FOX News? Where is the “liberal equivalent to Congressman Steve King (R-IA). For that matter, where is the “liberal” equivalent to Donald Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions or White House Advisor Steve Bannon? The answer is that there are none.

        • You’re the one refusing to see the other side of the coin, Jackie. You constantly bring up politics in the comments, if only to show intolerance toward people who disagree with you. You’re the very type of leftist who refuses to compromise. You need to open your eyes to what the other side thinks since you clearly don’t understand it and are justifying it with falsehoods from the tainted radicalism of MSNBC (which is far more to the left than Fox News is to the right).

          It’s the Democrats who refuse to compromise, by the way. They’re the “party of no” just trying to stall because they don’t like the way things are going. Funny thing is that the Republicans were the exact same thing in 2009. It’s on both sides. This is exactly why partisanship should be abolished: There’s no difference at all between the two parties, which only exist just to disagree with each other.

        • Jackie, if you can’t see the blowhards on both sides, then either you’re not looking (or better yet, it’s not showing on your FB feed), or you’ve drunk the kool aid. The highly spun news is on both sides.

  2. And here’s where I remember to thank Norm Feuti for not making his strip constantly political like some other cartoonists have begun doing. We all need some relief from politics, it can get too stressful. The retail circus is enough by itself!

    • Agreed. And while this strip touches on politics, it’s more about the polarization then about taking a side.

          • gvravel,
            I know what he said. I also know that Board Worker has trotted out the old “everybody does it” false equivalency argument. This makes both the bully and the victim equally guilty. Which means the person making that argument is siding with the bully. Has to do with who has the power to do the most damage.

  3. Remember kids, thinking slavery should be abolished was a political topic people could tell you to stop talking about with the line “I don’t want to talk about politics”.

    People being murdered on mass by bombs “I don’t want to talk about politics”.

    People dying on the streets in you own neighbourhood. “I don’t want to talk about politics”

    Everything is political, just say “I don’t wanna talk about anything upsetting right now” because honestly that’s what most people mean when they say “I don’t want to talk about politics”

    • Thank you so much. The only people whose lives aren’t political are people whose identities and needs aren’t constantly being legislated against.

  4. So some couple broke up because of Trump? What did he do other than run for president? He said the other day he thought being president would be easier. How in the world did he get that silly idea? When you’re president you get blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world, up to and including breaking up nice couples like Samantha and Joey!

  5. I found this on line:
    “All Liberals hate you your country your freedoms, The Constitution, Capitalism Our founding Fathers, the flag, Jews, Jesus the Bible and Christians and they will stop at nothing to ruin America. Liberals are EVIL they are the ENEMY WITHIN.”
    Anyone care to find middle ground with that?

    • From Salon: “Conservatives, evil and psychopathy: Science makes the link!” “Anyone care to find middle ground with that?”
      No Jackie, it’s on both sides (and I’m about as anti-Trump as they get).

      • gvravel,
        Oh the wonders of google.
        The Salon post you referred to is about an article based on 88 studies done in 12 countries published in 2003, “Political Conservativism as Motivated Social Cognition” John T Jost et al
        ““The core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and justification of inequality and is motivated by needs that vary situationally and dispositionally to manage uncertainty and threat . . . These are not merely American phenomena, nor is there any reason to think they’re particularly modern.”
        We all need to keep in mind that there’s a vast difference between the kind of conservatism associated with people like Edmund Burke and the kind of conservatism associated with authoritarian despots like Adolf Hitler.
        Middle ground can be found with people like Edmund Burke. It can’t be with people like Hitler. I fear we are dealing with conservatives of the latter type and who Trump has encouraged to come crawling out from under their respective rocks.

  6. I follow politics during he week but once the weekend rolls around I do not read or watching anything political. It has made my weekends a lot more enjoyable doing this.

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