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  1. Later, Brice tears into Donnie for leaving a task unfinished and tells Marla that Cooper is incompetent for allowing it to happen. The joys of middle management!

  2. Hey Brice, maybe try cleaning up your own messes from time to time.

    Either that, or eat more fiber and drink more water so these messes don’t happen.

  3. And then Donnie proceeds to unclog the toilet with Brice’s head. “DID I GET IT ALL BRICE?! DID I GET IT ALL?!”

  4. Technically, Brice is in the wrong from where I live so this might be different for other places. Anyways, if a toilet over flows it could be considered hazardous if human fecal matter or urine was in the water at the time of the over flow. Under OSHA rules Brice must provide Donnie with adequate protection or call in a specialty team to remove the potential hazard or face a fine of up to $7,500. Furthermore, also under OSHA if hazardous material is located Brice must have someone be with Donnie at all times to prevent further emergencies. (Usually that means a member of management)

    • The cinema chain I used to work for would provide specialist cleaning kits for biohazardous substances. They contained granules for liquids, a scraper and a dustpan-like piece to scrape the gunk into, a yellow disposal bag, antimicrobial spray (that kills viruses as well as other pathogens) sleeves, gloves, and apron.

      However, we were not responsible for emptying the bins in the ladies’ dedicated to feminine hygiene products. They were swapped for an empty one on a regular basis so that the contents can be disposed of safely.

    • That is assuming Donnie is even cleared to do bio hazard cleanup. Where I work only a salaried manger or maintenance personnel can work on any cleanup that is considered hazardous due to biological or chemical factors. If that is the case here then not only is Brice in the wrong by assigning this to Donnie but Donnie can get fired for obeying the order of his boss.

  5. Yes the fact that the toilet backed up and needs to be dealt with now is a valid reason to drop what he was doing to fix it. And I’m not going to lie when​ I was manager I have made someone lower on the totom pole deal with it, BUT and this is a big but, never have I acted like a little **** (hint it’s what Brice is asking Donnie to clean up) when asking them to do it.

  6. “When we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness,… the Spirit of the Lord is grieved.”

    Brice is a horrible person. Middle management is the heart and soul of unrighteous dominion.

  7. Well, Brice sure isn’t out to win any popularity contests is he? He must enjoy being hated. Well you reap what you sow buddy, you are hated.

    • that was my first thought as well… that Bryce might become Delman’s assistant manager after a big fight with Marla and/or the eother employees.
      But then Marla and the team would have two horrible nemesises in the mall! And Stuart would haunt Marla for losing another assistant.

        • Oh, I would agree with you. Being pushed into the assistant manager position in a retail chain I used to work for was essentially the kiss of death. Everything that ever went wrong would end up in YOUR lap, and the store manager (in all three locations I worked at) would simply throw you under the bus and motor on. The career of a newly-minted assistant manager was measured in weeks – a couple of months at most. They kept approaching me about being AM but I refused again and again. During my time there, I saw no fewer than EIGHTEEN assistant managers come and go.

          • Be that as it may in real life, in this Comic we’ve already seen Stuart give Marla a hard time about losing an AM he liked (when she angrily fired Josh) and telling her off for being genuinely sad about losing an AM he didn’t like (when whatshisname quit because he got a better job, sorry I forgot his name).
            Stuart isn’t the kind of DM to say ‘Oh, I know AMs come and go, it’s a difficult position, I understand’. Especially since Bryce is someone HE picked out, basically over Marla’s head.

    • Not if the restroom is in the store itself.
      There’s nothing wrong with Brice asking Donnie to clean it up- it’s gotta be done. It’s his attitude that’s the problem about it that’s the problem.

  8. I love it when restaurants use the same bucket and mop to both clean overflowing toilets and mop the floors in their restaurant. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  9. I feel like Mina wouldn’t want to hire Bryce right away. I think she would find a way to get information out of Bryce to get to Marla and then use him to overthrow Marla in some way to put Bryce in the store manager seat. Once that is done, then Mina would use the knowledge she has to mess with Grumbel’s , making Delman’s the better store to shop at and eventually making the rise to corporate like she always wanted.

  10. FWIW, when I worked at Borders, we had an unwritten policy that restroom messes were the job of whomever was managing to clean up, not whatever random associate was nearby. It fell into the category of “dont make someone do something you refuse to do, just because you can”.

    I cleaned up a lot of crap there.

  11. Don’t you just love the manager who seemingly can’t ask an employee to do anything without sounding mad about it?

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