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  1. Brice needs to get off his high horse, that way when his widdle feelings get hurt, they can tell him to “Suck it up Buttercup!”

    • Reminds me of a supervisor at my last job. Didn’t want to train me at all. His favorite thing to tell me an other employees if they had questions is “figure it out yourself.”

      I put up with his BS for 13 months before I said some nasty about him and another co-worker heard and reported me to management and I ended up getting fired.

      Personally I think I got the last laugh now because he got transferred to a location that is one of the 3 of the worst locations in the district because of all the shoplifting and welfare customers.

  2. Geez, Brice is doubling down on all the worst parts of his attitude. Some of this pettiness is probably because of Donnie getting a second job. Marla’s not going to fire him, so Brice is trying to make his life at Grumbel’s so unpleasant that Donnie will choose to leave…

    And it had seemed like Brice was beginning to get a dose of reality and some character development before this most recent arc.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of sad that that’s not continuing. I was enjoying “I Don’t Know How Much I Don’t Know” Bryce’s storyline potential. (Like when Marla’s car broke down; he really tried!) Jackoff!Bryce is a lot less interesting.

      • I agree; I was thinking about his past storylines, too. I’m still hoping for a Brice redemption arc, personally.

  3. This sort of shit should net him at least an oral warning. He’s being HIGHLY unprofessional and is teetering dangerously close to an HR incident.

    • Except Brice is the type who would go above Marla’s head to Stuart, and claim that Donnie was being insubordinate. Donnie would probably get fired and Marla would get chewed out for not doing something about it sooner, because, being a lapdog….Brice’s word is Gospel. Marla’s? Not so much.

      • I suspect that in the real world somebody like Donnie could only get fired for insubordination to Brice by Marla who obviously is not going to do that. Remember that in spite of his best efforts Stuart could not get rid of any of the employees under Marla. While Donnie could complain to Stuart about Marla’s lack of action I suspect he has learned from his mistakes way back when he tried to pull this off and was reamed out by Marla and also was the laughing stock of the other employees.

      • Stuart isn’t going to have a lot to say if if HR gets involved. Their main concern is lawsuits and if Stuart tries to block any action, they’re likely to take him off at the knees.

  4. For a while Brice looked like he might turn into a halfway decent person. Looks like he’s done a 180 and turned into mini-Stuart.

    and Marla DOES have a point. There was no call for Brice’s attitude. When Donnie told him he was in the middle of something, all Brice had to do was say, “Donnie, stop what you’re doing for now; I need this taken care of right away.” Not only would it have been more tactful, it would have been quicker AND it would have eliminated the need for the current conversation.

    That’s the difference between ‘management’ and ‘abuse’.

    I should also point out that Brice already had the mop bucket out in the third panel of yesterday’s strip. It might have just been more productive to simply do it himself rather than go hunting for Donnie. After all, a good manager should be prepared to do himself what he asks of others. Not always possible, I know, but still.

    • There is no way in hell that Brice would “stoop” to cleaning out poop. His greatest pleasure comes from telling other people to do the worst jobs.

    • “a good manager should be prepared to do himself what he asks of others.” THIS. One of the biggest issues my store has with the current boss is that she would seriously have someone ELSE wipe her NOSE if she could. There’s a fine line sometimes between delegating and just being lazy.

    • Yes, his over-the-top attitude does seem a sign of one foot almost out the door to a “better” job where his professional management skills will be appreciated. Then a pause before he is shown appealing to Marla to put in a good word to Grumbels to hire him back.

      • I think I’d like that approach to this arc. It would make it different from Josh’s “I’m going to defect to Delman’s if you don’t give me a raise” attempt.

    • I’m thinking that as well. He’ll defect to Delman’s, get a taste of his own medicine, and come crawling back.

  5. I don’t think so. If that were going to happen, his name would have been one of the search terms for that strip.

  6. I’m thinking Brice is going to go work for Mina and depending on where his character is supposed to end up he is either going to plot with Mina against Marla OR get so much abuse from Mina that he actually learns something from it and when he begs his old position back from Marla he is actually someone she can work with.

    • Once he leaves Grumbles for any other location he will never be hired back. Stuart will consider him a traitor and of course Marla will have nothing to do with him.

      • I think it’s possible by the power of comic logic and if they can’t find someone better/equally competent. Remember, Marla only hired Brice in the first place because she could find no one else qualified. I think if he actually learns something, apologizes and/or warns her about something Mina is planning, Marla will take him back and maybe even cover up his leaving in the first place.

  7. Marla’s right, Brice your attitude toward Donnie was lousy. You knew it was an unpleasant job, the least you could’ve done was ask him in a kind way to do it. “I’m sorry Donnie, but there’s another one of those messes to clean up…” but no you had to act like a dirt bag about it. Really I wonder if Marla could make Brice clean up the next such mess.

    Really though Brice is nothing but a bully. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been able to find Donnie, but Lunker instead?

  8. Brice will end up with Mina.

    Also, it’s more than likely against policy to have Donnie clean that up to begin with.

      • Thank you SO much for bringing that up!
        Whiners who are still sore about their number one fan losing the election THIS MANY MONTHS later are actually no better than Brice.

      • I gotta agree. It’s been months since Trump won, let’s just focus on the present. Like that one Disney song goes… let it go.

  9. Seems that Brice learned management skills from an old, old book on how to handle press-ganged seamen on 18th century nautical vessels.

  10. Brice has been there exactly a year. Go back to the comments of 5 April 2016 and see what people thought he would be like… hindsight is a bonus!

  11. While I would like to see Brice (and every petty middle-manager like this) banished to menial labor, that would make for a pretty dull comic strip. But I think this is the beginning of the end for Brice. If he were hired by Mina, I wonder if he would blossom into the ultimate asshat and out-Mina his boss. *That* would be a story.

  12. If Brice gets ticked enough, he’ll complain to Stuart.
    Stuart will give Brice some incredibly BAD advice.
    It will backfire – badly – and Brice will leave Grumble’s lured by Mina’s siren song.
    Stuart will blame Marla, since she’s gone thru THREE assistant managers.
    Brice will try to come back but Marla will refuse.
    Stuart, feeling that Brice ‘had no choice’ because of Marla’s ineffectiveness, will let him return & he’ll smirk until he says something unflattering about zucchini-head who happens to be in earshot.
    Then Stuart will lower the hammer but not without blaming Marla for setting all this in motion.

    • It really wouldn’t be too hard to convince Stuart that Brice has been sleeping with the enemy and divulging company secrets.

  13. I dunno, I suspect that Brice and Mina would clash. They’re both too damn arrogant and egotistical. Mina would treat Brice like crap and he’d take it out on the people under him, and possibly push back against Mina too. I can imagine some epic arguments between the two of them.

  14. Man, Bryce looked way different when he debuted a year ago. His face was so long and thin then, and now it’s square.

  15. This… this goes beyond just being a curt boss. This is to the level of asking to be fired. Because, he’s not just being rude to an employee in such a way as to make a hostile work environment, he’s being rude to the only person in the store who outranks him.

    Sure, he’s worked from a philosophy of management that’s counter to Marla’s (and, it’s a bad philosophy to be sure), but it’s been one that you could believe could survive.

    Will he swap positions with that guy at Delman’s? Is that the situation? Delman’s will be, officially, the evil shop and Grumbels (at least in this particular outlet) will be the good shop and we’ll see how they work out?

  16. First rule of management:
    If you take a dump on your employees, expect them to find a way to take a dump back on you.
    Usually in the form of making sure they are not available when you need their help, forcing you to take on the extra workload.

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