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  1. Something tells me Brice is skating on thin ice here. Even more so than usual.

    I’m beginning to wonder why he was available to work at Marla’s store. Maybe his presence was getting on someone’s nerves at his former store?

    • @Jason

      If I remember right it was Stuart who recommended him. From what I can get about Stuart he tends to only pick people who think like him for promotions and doesn’t see that they won’t mess well with Marla or the others at the store.

      I know at my store we just lost our manager who was a lot like Marla who got replaced by someone more like a mix between Brice and Mina. She demands everyone follow her way but will through you under the bus the moment she needs to. I know I have been very careful to watch my back around her after she stab me in the back when I tried to stand up for her since she was new.

        • I didn’t see it like that. Stuart couldn’t force her to hire him since she is the Manager, that was made clear from the beginning. If she had been able to find someone equally or better qualified she would have hired them and Stuart wouldn’t have been able to do diddly squat and they both were aware of that. But even after many interviews she wasn’t able to and had to admit defeat.

      • He recommended Arthur though and Arthur had a similar attitude to Marla and knew that everything corporate did was bullshit. His subordinates all liked him too.

  2. I know I should really be rooting for Marla standing up for her employees, but I can’t help but notice that Marla’s got them coke bottle curves. You go gurl, strut them hips. ;P

  3. She’s treating Brice the same way he’s treated the staff…except Brice deserves it. Would he dare go to Delman’s since there’s going to be an AM position open soon? Marla should MAKE him clean up all toilet messes from now on, and if he doesn’t fire him for insubordination.

    • He’s never acted like Marla has the right to tell him what to do and he’s forever criticizing her over nothing. He’s never respectful to anyone and he’s flat out refused to even try to see things Marla’s way when she was polite.

      So I very much agree that Brice did deserve that.

  4. So… the AM from Delman’s is available. Right fucking now. His two days have gone.

    It hasn’t got anything to do you with you, Brice.

    Or HAS IT?

    • He wasn’t named in the tags though. That’s usually a big indicator that a character won’t be reoccurring. Unless this has changed in the meantime, reoccurring characters will be named in the tags in their first strip even if they aren’t named ‘on screen’ until later. More likely the important part of that strip wasn’t the now free manager but the now free position.

    • Also, remember, the most important thing in RETAIL is not the store, but the story. There will always be an antagonist for Marla. The day that changes is the day that Norm brings the strip to a happy conclusion. With Stuart being out of the store, we need someone in-store.

      • I think it’s more likely this strip has an unhappy ending (i.e. Grumbels closes this store, or goes under completely).

  5. Brice really needs to learn that a little bit of politeness and respect goes a LONG way. Heck, you don’t even have to go out of your way to be nice, just don’t bark orders. “Donnie, I know you’re busy, but I need you to deal with the overflowing toilet ASAP” would have been more than sufficient.

    He doesn’t have to be buddy-buddy, he just has to stop with this idea that making the staff HATE him is the right way to manage.

    • He will not. Whatever happened in his life in this comic universe, there are many like him in real life. They don’t ever learn, and go to their graves thinking they did what it took to be successful, paying no attention to the trail of broken bodies behind them.

      • Well, that’s a big part of the problems in the workplace today – ‘managers’ who don’t know how, or who think ‘manager’ and ‘drill sergeant’ are the same thing. Or worse, ones who do not understand that sometimes, those who do the actual work might know more about their particular job than the managers do.

  6. How can someone live as long as he is and not understand the first thing about human nature? People like to be asked to do something rather than ordered to do it. They may do it either way, but the former tends to motivate them to do a better job with a more positive attitude whereas the latter will cause only resentment and a more shabby job. If he keeps this up I can see Marla interviewing potential AM’s again.

    • You would be surprised and disheartened by how many exist. Sociopaths gravitate to business because of its nature.

    • You obviously haven’t worked in Retail. Everyday, something will make you question why humanity hasn’t been wiped off the face of the earth already. I know one guy that jokes that retail makes him support more Social Darwinism and Selective Eugenics on a weekly basis.

  7. I’m in management myself, but I’ll be damned if I would ever carry on like Brice. He can’t even be arsed to pretend to respect the employees under him! I find that treating employees like people and showing them the respect they deserve (until they do something to lose my respect) goes a lot further than issuing orders and demands. I hope he ends up jumping ship over to Delman’s – having a boss like Mina would be karma.

    • To paraphrase Deckard’s boss from the movie BLADE RUNNER:

      Brice (about Donnie):They’re not Management, they’re Little People!

    • Yes. Brice will never understand that because he sees himself as being better than the staff. He learned that from Stuart, who taught him that the staff can never be trusted, that they will lie, cheat, scheme, steal, and they are lazy. Then he wonders why the staff doesn’t respect HIM. It never occurs to him that his attitude might have anything to do with it.

  8. The entire time Brice hasn’t made real eye contact with Marla regarding his response to the whole thing; except for when he was mocking Donnie about coddling him in the previous strip. To me that shows a lack of admittance to his behavior (he honestly believes treating employees like this is okay) and owning up to his mistake on not handling the situation more tactfully.

    I’ll admit he’s got guts to really stand his ground in this situation but Marla’s got more footing not because she’s the SM, but because she’s right. It would go a long way for him to learn and grow about treating others with a modicum of respect than what he’s currently doing. There’s always a major difference between a Boss and a Leader and the latter he ain’t!

  9. So I’m a bit disappointed here – I actually liked Brice after he was first intro’d since he was kind of a new dynamic. He was a guy who had been in a situation where the corporate system worked great, and a lot of his standpoints early on were reasonable in that context. He picked his battles and learned from them a lot of the time. Now he’s just turned into another douchebag AM, who’s pretty much a Josh clone with the exact same dynamic. It’s too bad – I liked where his character was going! Missed opportunity, feels like.

  10. I had a manager that did similar actions. She was so anal of ‘her section’ and demanded that we ask her where something goes back even if I could see it perfectly cleared on the rack. I had been at the store longer than her and was so sick of her nonsense I refused to work with her. She eventually quit and moved out of state.

  11. So, it looks like Brice has finally chosen who he’s going to emulate. He was uncertain when he first got here, a coin standing on its edge. One side with Marla’s progressive and employee-friendly approach. The other Stuart’s draconian and unrealistic tyranny. Guess Stuart won the toss.

  12. Just today I faced something of the same situation as the Brice/Donnie incident. Someone else the other day had left shelves placed haphazardly in the fixture room. So today the head Executive Team Leader comes to be and tells me in no uncertain terms that she expects me to straighten up the fixture room by the time she leaves today or else there would be trouble. I never once, in my time at the store, have given her any reason to even assume I would not do anything as requested. In fact, many times I go above and beyond. So this “threat” came out of nowhere. I have a feeling that sometime during the week she was given the “employees are not your friends” speech because she has never acted this way before.

  13. I vote Marla gets rid of Brice at the earliest possible opportunity and promotes Cooper to AM.
    I know Stuart will never go for it, but Cooper’s really matured a lot since he became stockroom supervisor. I think he could handle the responsibility without turning into a dictator. He’s someone who’s worked with Marla for many years and gets along well with (almost) everyone.
    In a perfect world . . .

  14. In my 17+ years in this business, through two different big box stores(one still going strong, one in major freefall now), I have seen managers like this and it is never a good sign when for the employees when they don’t even respect you. I think that is why one manager in my store seems to finally be respecting us(and attempting to suck up to all of us) because of a recent higher up visit that caught her disrespecting someone and not even thinking about how may complaints have been filed against her already. It is also part of why with our current assistant over my area(I’m a cashier and self-checkout host) out on medical leave, she is not allowed to rule over us, another manager(One I happen to like a lot) is. Plus our store manager knows about her forcing me to stay in the store one night until she could give me a ride home while my car was out of service. I was ready and prepared to walk home! Once we swipe that badge and clock out, we are no longer under their jurisdiction.

    • At no time do they have the right to force you to stay in the store. Ever. The only question is whether or not they discipline or fire you for leaving, and they would be on extremely shaky ground with that anyway, if you had already clocked out.

      As my old HR manager used to say, “We’re not going to forcibly detain people. If you feel you need to leave, leave.” And this was a guy who would lie to your face under other circumstances, but on the legal aspects of such things, he was on point. They legally CANNOT force you to stay.

      • This manager didn’t care about the legal aspects of anything at all. She has never in any way followed policy with anything either, until that massive reprimand from higher up. There were several people she fired that were back at the store days later working because of threatened wrongful dismissal suits. She even lost the power to fire people after those threats. She seems to be able to hide the truth from our market manager, but our regional team or the division team see right through her. There is a reason that a certain rumor going around is giving us hope that her days with us are truly numbered. A new store manager can get rid of her, because of all the complaints. Our current one won’t because she has some sort of blackmail that would also cost him his job if he would try to get rid of her.

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