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  1. Okay who didn’t see that coming? I’m being sarcastic, this just got interesting. Im just wondering if he does become her assistant manager. Will he try to stab her in the back?

    • I don’t know as Brice is the backstabbing type. He wants things to go “right” and may report things to superiors, but not for gain.

      But even if he was a backstabber, Mina out classes him..

    • I actually don’t see Brice as being that duplicitous. I see him as naive. Yes, he’s been corrupted by Stuart, and that’s the cause of most of his poor behavior, but he hasn’t really tried to undercut Marla. In fact, when Marla failed to attend that district meeting a few months back, it was Brice who gave Marla the benefit of the doubt despite Stuart’s tirade.

      I fear that Mina may further corrupt him. It depends on whether or not he sees Mina for the vicious bitch she is.

      • It’ll go one of two ways.

        1> He’ll learn the ways of the dark side from Mina

        2> He’ll see himself in Mina and realise what a massive a-hole he has been and turn himself around.

        I’ve seen this in real life more than a few times… unfortunately option 1 seems the more common of the two.

      • Corrupted by Stuart might explain his unflagging faith in management, but that’s just one of several ways he’s been odious. Some of it is that he’s just a tool, and a standard issue hypocritical tool at that (he flipped from “suck it up buttercup” to whining “why am I always the bad guy?” pretty quickly; it’s clear that the harsh style he espouses is something he hated having applied to him).

    • It will be both interesting and disastrous. And Marla, Cooper and the crew are going to sit on the sidelines watching both Mina and Brice get their just deserts.

      • I hope Marla has time for the show, if she can get herself a new AM soon, otherwise she’s back to 12 hours a day 7 days a week like she was after firing Josh. Where is that guy who quit Delman’s?

  2. Dollars to donuts that Brice will be gone by Monday at the earliest, the following Saturday at the latest. We know that Mina is good at stealing people from Grumbles, and now she has her snake eyes set on Brice.

    I wonder, did Cooper set her on him or was she already in the store scouting for a new lackey. Should Brice fall for her dubious charms, he will quickly realize that he had it good under Marla after learning that Mina had him sign a discreet piece of paper stating that he can’t leave or quit for at least two years.

    • “He’s been sleeping with the enemy and giving away company secrets. He may have even sabotaged my car the day of the meeting!”

  3. Didn’t Josh lie about getting a better offer from Delman’s in order to get a raise? I can see that happening here; Brice tells them that he has a job offer from Delman’s and sets demands for staying but nobody believes him.

  4. So she’s still dressing up in strange outfits to steal Grumbels’ employees. Just like when she was snagging people right after Marla interviewed them. She hasn’t changed a bit.

  5. I got it. Brice takes the job at Delmans and hates it. He walks into Grumbels and talks to Marla in a very friendly tone about how he has decided to stay. Marla says nothing as she tries to contain her laughter. Stuart comes out of the back with a guy who looks like a clone of Brice except his hair is different. Stuart talks to the new guy the way he used to talk to Brice. Brice is heart broken.

    • You mean AFTER Stuart tells off Marla in no uncertain terms how she should have been nicer to Brice and bent over backwards to keep him at Grumbel’s (where, of course, Stuart could take credit for any upward advancement) rather than have him defect to the competition (where Stuart can only look on, sadly, from a distance).

      Or maybe Stuart will REALLY revert to form and have legal action brought against Brice for (expectedly) revealing proprietary information on Grumbel’s to Mina.

  6. So Brice is probably going to be leaving soon, hopefully. If he stays I can see him becoming a clone of Mina but failing when the rest of the crew backstab him.

  7. Nice censorship, Norm. Yesterday I said Brice will end up at Delman’s working with Mina and you deleted it.

    You can’t stop the future.

  8. Didn’t Brice complain recently about how employees should be loyal to the company? I wonder how long that’s going to last once Mina makes an offer.

    • That only applies to hourly employees. Management can move to wherever they want.

      Come on, everyone knows that.

  9. I am 100% with Brice that managers should not act like kindergarteners. The only difference is that I see Brice as the one acting like a kindergartener.

    • I think he meant that Marla acts like a kindergarten teacher, by which I mean he thinks she’s weak and not strict enough. Which just goes to show how out of touch he is. I’m a teacher who works with adults and adolescents, and let me tell you, kindergarten teachers are made of *cast iron*. Maintaining discipline among twenty to thirty people who are barely toilet-trained, all the while giving the appearance of being pure sugar and fairy dust? Seriously. I bow down to them.

  10. Just caught up on the new storyline.

    So much for any sympathy Brice had been cultivating with readers in his “beginning to see the light” phase. Will be interesting to see if he is still self-aware enough to recognize in Mina the end result of the road he’s starting on or if he’s truly relapsed into Stuart: The Early Years.

  11. If he takes the jump with Mina and gets treated like crap he missed Marla’s managing style, I would like that he goes to beg for his job only to be replaced by the guy who gave Mina his notice.

  12. I just noticed Mina is trying to shake Brice’s hand with her left hand, which isn’t right (no pun intended). Or maybe she just has her hand out to make a point. Who knows.

    • Or, the artist was thinking right hand, but forgot the mirror nature of the art and drew the hand on his right, not theirs. 😉

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