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  1. There’s a plotline I hadn’t thought of. Instead of hiring Brice away, Mina tries to use him as a mole or saboteur, which ends with both of them going down in flames. Yes, that would be satisfying.

  2. Poor, misguided Mina. Revenge would imply doing something Marla would hate. Being able to get rid of Josh and potentially hire someone that’s ISN’T a total dillweed is the opposite of that. If anything, you’re practically doing her a huge favor.

    • Just wait though, Brice hasn’t said yes yet and we haven’t seen what Stuart would parade before Marla as a “suitable” replacement.

          • Thing is though Crystal, he could be very similar to Brice, for all we know, I do think Brice has more of a conscious than Mina. She is the kind you need to wear a knife proof smock around her so it’s harder for her to stab you in the back, Brice is just your garden variety Douche Bag.

    • Amway sells health and beauty products.
      Most of their products are sold by individual who sign up to sell them.
      It is almost like creating a home business and also being a door to door salesperson.
      Amway has been accused of being a pyramid scheme on the past.

      • I love how polite this is about Amway! πŸ™‚

        It’s a multi-level marketing company who’s people use less than desirable tactics to get people involved.

        It is a legit company that sells really great products, but the folks who are out there recruiting for them really has ruined it.

        I know firsthand – I was recruited years ago – tried to build a legit business with it and found it to be almost impossible to do so.

        • They tried to recruit me.

          They start with telling me how much money I COULD make. Strike 1.

          They say I can work from home and get everyone I know involved. Strike 2.

          I ask them for the name of the company and they deflect the question and don’t give an answer until I ask them for the FOURTH TIME. Strike 3, I’M out.

      • And it’s tied to the current US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. A lot of her wealth came from Amway-connected inheritance…?

      • Amway is nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme. A couple of friends of mine got sucked in and tried to pull me in. I realized what I was getting into and got out before I got too far in, I managed to pull my friends out too.

    • I’ll take a stab at explaining Amway. You can make money selling their products, but you can make even more money by recruiting other people into being sellers. This tends to turn people who are in Amway into recruiters as aggressive as some religions.

      • Tupperware is the same way. Went to a meeting with a friend who was into selling that. OMG the similarities to an old time religious revival meeting were scary. Couldn’t WAIT to get out of there!

  3. Revenge? Does she think she will be getting revenge on Marla (why should she think she needs revenge?) by taking Brice? Ha hahahahahahahha! Other than needing a new AM Marla will be delighted to unload Brice on Mina!

  4. My prediction
    Dellmans hired Brice. Management gets so bad that the workers go on strike. Dellmans upper management closes the store. Bruce comes back to grumbles by saying that was his plan all along.

  5. I could see Brice being by the book and report Mina for the ethics violation of trying to poach from Grumbels without even considering the job, it may even be by accident.

    • Huh?

      What’s he going to report? That a non-Grumbel’s employee approached him with a job offer?

      Where’s the ethics violation? Brice didn’t do anything except be at a display table when Mina showed up.

    • I agree, he’d be more likely to do that after she hired him and saw how she behaved, especially with the backstabbing actions.

  6. I need some help here. I’ve come to “Retail” late in the game, so to speak. Can someone fill me in on what Mina’s backstory is? It’s obvious that there’s bad blood here, but what for? I feel like I’m playing with half a deck right now. πŸ™

    • Not to be rude, but you could start at the beginning of the comic and work your way up so you know all of the many inside jokes and background to what we see in each strip. Or, if you’re not interested enough to go back and read them all and are only stopping by, there are handy little tags under each comic that link to related strips. Just click on Mina’s name and you’ll get the whole story.

      • Perhaps you can do both, Carl. Get the backstory on Mina and then at your leisure read the strip from the beginning.

        Not only will you then know the way the characters relate to each other (including how Stuart’s role has changed, yet no changed, since the start) you’ll have a good entertaining read in the process.


    • IIRC Mina decided to play the Backstab Your Way To Power game at Grumbel’s by applying for the assistant manager position after Marla was looking for a new AM after firing Josh. However, Amber recognized Mina from a previous job and warned Marla about her, so Marla refused to hire her. Mina held a grudge ever since.

  7. If Brice goes to work for Mina, he’ll have proprietary info on Grumbel’s that she will try to weasel out of him. She could use this against Marla.

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