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  1. My work is going through inventory because the location I am working at is closing. Kinda sucks that they are letting us all go because of crummy management. Still, I am hoping that this will be my last retail job since I got a call back for a teacher assistant position. If I get that and like the work (Everyone always told me to go work with kids and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea),it might push me to get a teaching license. Worst case scenario is I don’t like it and move on after a year.

    • Best of luck to you on staying out of retail. Last summer when I lost my retail job, I did my dangedest to stay out of it, think I got pretty lucky too. Better pay, more vacation time, actual employer provided insurance (which I am putting to use now after not having a been to the doctor in a long time), and it’s almost 1/3 the drive!

    • If you have a degree already, find a college that offers a free M.Ed. program. Most universities with M.Ed. have one that is free, it simply requires you teach while you are a student, and your salary goes to the university with a stipend returning to you.

      In the end, your pay will be about the same as retail for 2 years, then you have a Masters degree.

    • I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if every time that gets mentioned, another month gets added to the count for when it happens.

      • That’s been the case for years. I think it’s not going to happen until 2027 at this rate? I forget when we were at.

        That said, this is the first time since 2014 that there’s legit been a reason to suspect his involvement, considering he was the supervisor of the last EGREGIOUS Inventory team. His “revenge” could’ve involved the next inventory. Though I doubt Norm will ever go back to it, given how many times people brought it up…

      • But since RETAIL runs in newspapers, the strip has to be prepared in advance – so at some point when he starts that story arc, he’s not going to be able to stop it.

      • Marla: “I want three copies of the pre-counts. One with the merchandise, one copy for me, one copy for you.”

        Cooper: “That sound like a lot of extra work…”

        Marla: “SANZEN.”

        Cooper: “…which I will do happily…”

    • She might have the counts right without even seeing the items! She couldn’t possibly be less accurate than the inventory service, right?

      • Having worked inventory service I can say accuracy problems can pop up from either side. The worst problem was poor prep from a store. When approaching men’s socks, the first thing I did was remove all the pairs stuffed in between the hooks to a pile on the floor. Don’t want a mess? Prep your store! There is no way the service and the store can match counts if items are randomly stuffed in-between the hooks. Also hangers with multiple items for display purposes need to be at the front of the rack. One chain was nice enough to bring down the high clothes to minimise ladder use, but sometimes forgot about the layered items and I would have a higher count.
        When arriving at a store I liked to catch a quick look at the clearance area. If that was neat I knew the store put man hours into prepping for it.
        Also for some reason our service charged a higher rate for the back room. This led to one chain shooting themselves in the foot by emptying the back room and packing the clothes rack till things were falling on the floor. Try to get an accurate count from either team.
        In short both stores and inventory service have winners and losers and both have praise and horror stories about the other side.

  2. I like the Crystal character so far but could someone get an Assistant Manager job in a department store with so little experience?

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