30 thoughts on “August 11, 2017

  1. She is totally a hacker or knows one she has to pay for this time of research. All the secrecy and mysterious language points at something supernatural therefore it’s sure to be a red herring.

    • I know quite a few people who no longer carry cash even if they have money in the bank. I personally have to remind myself to get out more money after I spend the cash. I usually have less than $40 cash on me because I use my debit card for everything.

        • Some people find it easier to control their spending if they use cash.

          My bank requires me to use debit 5 times a month or pay a fee so I do, but I use credit for everything else, earn rewards points, then pay off the card every month.

          • I don’t trust debit cards. Supposedly harder to compromise now with chips, but a lot (most?) of vulnerabilities occur at the corporate level. And you don’t have the same protections as with a credit card. Admittedly using credit is a problem for some people.

  2. I find it interesting that this conversation takes place in front of a computer screen. Given that Keith had a blog in the past and know how to surpass Cooper in views, I think it’s very likely he’s still on social media.

    I have a feeling that Cooper is going to kick himself very shortly.

  3. Clairvoyant (n): A person, commonly a woman, who has the gift of seeing that which is invisible to her patron; namely, that he is a blockhead.
    -Ambrose Bierce

    Crystal seems overly focused on the money here, doesn’t seem intrigued by the task at all. As others have said, it could be a false trail, but it feels off on the surface.

  4. what if Cooper had explained the situation to Crystal and said it was for the good of the store, ESPECIALLY LUNKER (MEL).? Maybe then he wouldnt charge?

      • She probably wouldn’t in that case, yes. Unfortunately, Cooper didn’t explain the context *and* antagonized her with his behavior. It’s pretty rude to be overtly skeptical when you’re asking someone for a favor!

    • Interesting indeed. Or is his sister or cousin or some relation to him. Or, perhaps, when she sees who it is, will refund Cooper’s money because she has a vendetta going with Sanzen.

  5. Crystal is sitting next to a computer. Crystal’s psychic powers, in this case, come under the heading “google search”

  6. Unless Crystal has a $10 bill, how is Copper going to get $50 out of the ATM when they only give out $20 bills and the finding a ATM that gives outs $5s & $10s are rare…

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