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    • Yes quite! Isn’t giving out this kind of information illegal? He could lose his job at the very least, and maybe do jail time. I don’t know about stuff like this but it seems to take a risk like that he’d want a lot more than $50.

      • Bribes usually mean something illegal is going on.

        It’s a friend of hers, not an associate, and it’s just an address. The information is protected under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, which when into effect in the late 1990s. That law only requires fines as a criminal penalty, not jail time.

        • But he can lose his job.

          I think 50 bucks is fairly reasonable, and it won’t leave a paper trail like using one of those background check services.

    • I remember that mess, right down to the accident that started it, as I was getting ready for school and eating breakfast when it came up on the local news. Still makes me mad that Ryan got an early release for it too, considering the lives lost just in the Willis family alone.

  1. Ugh, there are free websites that actually help you find people. Family Tree Now is one. The white pages, LinkedIn, and Facebook are others. Also some states (like North Carolina) post their voter registration information online. When I searched my name, it had my address with a map, phone number, race, gender, birth year plus age, if I was an active voter, and what political party I was.

    • That’s….kinda terrifying, actually. Why would voter registration info be public? Also, a friggen MAP to your house?? D: How is that LEGAL?

      • There’s nothing new about that. Phone books have always had people’s phone numbers and addresses listed- along with maps that you can find any of the addresses listed in the phone book on.
        Of course, political party information is a little bit much…

      • It is called the Freedom of Information Act. It allows access to all government data that is not top secret or covered by HIPPA. My call sign is KB2SYB my address can be found at FCC.gov or QRZ.com.

    • Her previous job was working as a psychic. I wasn’t assuming she was squeakly clean and innocent to begin with. 🙂

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