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    • Indeed. Another level added to the story. Things like this is why I think Norm would do well in a transition to TV where other cartoons (like Dilbert) have failed.

        • Dilbert has the same kind of thing going as Garfield for me. I have a lot of nostalgia for the older strips, but the newer ones only have a spark of their former greatness. Which is fair, both strips are older than I am, but still.

          • For me the deciding factor to leave it be was more the cartoonist and less the cartoon, declining quality or not tbh.

          • The basic difference between Retail and Dilbert is that retail basics haven’t changed much whereas the business world has evolved, so once part of the retail world , you recognize the archetypes easily. Cooper is the everyman.

  1. I hope we get a comic of Swansea petting a long-haired white cat. It would be the icing on the cake. I could see him buying a controlling interest in Grumbles and playing with the staff.

  2. What do you want to bet that it’s the wrong Keith Sanzen? Maybe Sr, and we’re looking for Junior? Either that or he’s been mining gold out of the NH store (instead of his intended target).

  3. Could be related… Wasn’t Brice’s old mall extremely upscale?

    More likely I think, I agree with Sanzen getting rich off the other store that was reorg’d due to fraud.

  4. Woah, I just had a wild idea. Didn’t Brice take over a new store because all the managers were arrested/fired for fraud or theft? What if they were actually innocent and that was Sanzen’s test run?

    • Cooper uncovers a fraud scheme which has costs Grumbel’s hundreds of thousands of dollars, and inadvertently saves Stuart’s job.

      When Marla points out that Stuart owes Cooper some gratitude, Stuart shrugs it off by saying “he only caught on to this scheme because he was goofing off, AS USUAL”

    • Or perhaps that was Sanzen’s plan but the minion who actually set it up on the computers made an error and targeted the wrong store.

    • I’ve seen a bunch of people assuming Brice’s new store is related and was probably a mistaken target or innocent victim effected by Sanzen’s inventory shifting, but I would actually find this slightly more interesting, if they were intentionally targeted as a test run or something. Mainly because that would push Sanzen way into ‘unexcusable’ territory – it’s gone beyond revenge and has started effecting completely unrelated innocent stores. Not that messing up the inventory of one store for revenge is ‘excusable’, but at least it can be traced back to ‘he has a grudge on these guys for getting him, y’know, arrested and all’. Intentionally involving a completely unrelated location and ruining other people’s lives and jobs would mean he’s gone totally remorselessly revenge-crazy.

      • And because I entered that before finishing typing, like a dope, I’ll add here that that would also help justify anything Cooper might have to do in stopping him, which could be useful considering he’s already straddling questionable lines by bribing somebody at the DMV to acquire an address, which could be looked at as a potential first step in any number of illegal fraud schemes should it be investigated.

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