17 thoughts on “August 15, 2017

  1. I’ve read all the comics, but only once and this Sanzen saga was years ago. Can someone give a recap as to why he hates Cooper?

    • Long story short, Sanzen was riding Cooper’s coat-tails and then doing better at what Cooper was doing (arguable point, but we’ll not dwell here), which leads to Cooper’s Lounge on the roof being taken over by Sanzen via blackmail. Cooper alerts the bosses to the lounge once he realizes there’s no other way, Sanzen loses his job at Grumbels, Sanzen swears revenge.

      • After that Sanzen was barred from the mall for 5 years. Nearly on the dot after 5 years he showed up as head of the inventory team. He “lost” a paper with a count of some items and made Cooper spend all night recounting them. After this he promised something called “Phase 2” and Cooper has been waiting for it ever since. That was in 2014.

  2. Off the wall suggestion… Maybe in the intervening years, Keith has won the lottery and has completely forgotten about his plan…

    Until Cooper shows up and reminds him?

  3. I think that Sanzen became an extremely successful blogger in the interim and doesn’t even care about Cooper anymore.

  4. You’re dealing with a megalomaniacal supervillain, Cooper. Of course his plan is/was bigger. Entirely possible that Sanzen no longer cares because he lives in an expensive house and drives an expensive car. Or his plan was solely to create paranoia all along.

  5. Cooper, you’re letting this guy live rent free in your head. You have to stop dwelling on this for your own peace of mind.

    • Yeah. As much trouble as Sanzen’s plan (whatever it might be) may cause, Cooper thrusting himself suddenly into Kieth’s life without visible cause will make Cooper the villain, regardless of what is happening elsewhere. The easiest way to get someone in trouble is to encourage them to screw up, and pull out a camera crew when they do.

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