23 thoughts on “August 16, 2017

    • I am thinking it might be, perhaps at some point he decided that an eternal waiting game was better than the planned phase 2.

    • But Cooper has seemed ok for 3 years. Why the sudden obsession with Sanzen? There’s been nothing to indicate that NOW Sanzen’s revenge will take place. Or does he just become paranoid every time they do inventory?

    • johnny ricecakes,
      That’s not what the expression “peeing (or “spitting”) in the wind” means. When you pee or spit into the wind it comes back in your own face.
      It can also mean wasting time on something that can’t succeed.
      Norm has succeeded in getting a lot of people riled up over this and I don’t think it’s coming back on him.
      Reader’s have been demanding “Phase 2” for three years and now they’re getting it. Except it’s in the form of a Cooper melt down over nothing.

    • That’s because we all know and like Coop for what he is: The easy-going dude who doesn’t let anything get to him…

      and now something is getting to him.

  1. I kinda think this is a jab at all the people who constantly go “ITS SANZEN’S REVENGE! It’s been building for so long, and then nothing to come of it.

    • Yeah, the Sanzen-fixated have me hoping to never see or hear from that character again, I’m so sick of hearing about him.

    • I got sick of that, too, to the point I replied to them that Sanzen’s Revenge was delayed another month every time they brought it up, thus adding another month to the total myself as well.

      Would not surprise me if Norm intended this storyline to mock such people for ruining what could’ve been a fantastic story arc. Sanzen will go out with a whimper and will not appear in the strip again, disappointing the people who came up with nonsensical theory after nonsensical theory. Me, I’d be glad for it to be over with.

  2. Ok I know iI’m against calling it, but I’m calling it. They’ll meet and Cooper will apologize for being so paranoid, Cooper will leave, and sanzen will say something evil about his plan.

  3. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the saying has become. Also, the 47 ronin took 2 years before enacting their revenge.

    Always wait. It makes it that much more tragic.

  4. I hope they deal with Sanzen and then drop it. I’m tired of hearing about him and tired of people screaming, “This is it! This is it! Sanzen’s revenge!” in the comments for almost every dang storyline this strip does.

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