15 thoughts on “August 17, 2017

  1. I think Sanzen’s revenge already started long ago. Cooper got promoted and had to abandon his goofing off and become respectable. The rooftop lounge that was the crux of Sanzen’s undoing has long been abandoned. By keeping Cooper and by extension Marla in a good but not to prosperous light he keeps them from moving on. They might stagnate in their complacency for all time. It’s evil in how good natured it is.

      • Sanzen isn’t that bright, nor that deep. He stole Cooper’s blog and then told him about it. He was defeated by a virus that wiped everything. Then he found out about Cooper’s lounge and then help poetry slam on the roof – like that would never be discovered. (Yes, Cooper ratted on him, but how long could that have gone on??) Keith, like so many criminals, are a mastermind only in their own mind.

  2. One of the worst things about retail inventory? We had a brand new assistant manager hired a week before inventory. When I say brand new, I don’t mean promoted, I mean hired from the outside and given the job. We warned her about inventory and how the company will write up the entire management team if the inventory comes back below a certain threshold, even if it’s within the allowed amount. She told us to stop messing with her.

    Store does inventory and is 3% away from their goal, but well within the allotted amount to “Pass” an inventory. She was written up.

    She quit the next day. Don’t blame her.

    • Are you telling me that they have an official goal and official passing grade but an unofficial screw you policy that is far stricter than the official margin and is just sprung as a surprise on new managers? What the hell is wrong with people?

    • Our system wasn’t quite so draconian. If you “missed” on inventory–and you had to miss by a LOT–you missed out on your bonus. And even then, bonuses didn’t filter down to the AM position, just the store manager.

  3. Since the henchman was a caricature of Norm himself, he could have made the devices self-destruct. Playing god can be so much fun. The mind games!

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