26 thoughts on “August 18, 2017

  1. Hey Cooper, listen to Lunker. Keith is living rent-free inside of your head. Paranoia has taken over. You wasted 50 dollars. Have some fun. Go hide some dead fish inside the shelves at Delman’s.

  2. Even though this is a possible option I doubt it’s the way the story arc is going. This problem just suddenly reappeared and to make it a “All in your head” issue would be a huge let down to all the readers.

        • Yep, seriously – a really good inventory, consistently over time? I’d definitely at least be looking at that store. Not that they’re necessarily up to no good, but it is a definite possibility that needs checking for shenanigans.

    • The thing is, we readers know there’s a ‘Stage 2’ Sanzen had planned. /Cooper/ does not know this. That, in theory, should rule out the idea that the plan was just to gaslight Cooper, because otherwise Sanzen should’ve let him overhear the ‘Stage 2’ bit, not had that conversation in the privacy of his (presumably) home.

      The long and short of it is that making Sanzen have never intended to do anything else would be something of a badly-written cop-out. It’d waste both this time and the previous set-up and suggest the author either never had a plan to resolve this arc and just didn’t bother to come up with one, or that the plan was just to gaslight the /readers/ which is a technique I’ve personally always frowned upon. Now if Sanzen’s /forgotten/ or something and the plan he set up has gone on without him, that could go somewhere, but ‘the whole plan was to make Cooper worry about a plan that didn’t exist’ is a cop-out after the set-up we were given and I think Norm’s a better writer than that.

      • I can’t disagree with anything there. It’s true that Cooper was never in a position to hear “Phase 2”, but he did suspect there was something more. But he’s never worried about it until just now.

  3. If that is true, then not only has he been doing it to Cooper…

    ..but Sanzen has ALSO been doing it to a sizable chunk of this comic’s readership.

    Well done, Norm.

  4. I think Lunker is right, but I still have to question why now? It’s been 4 years since Sanzen planned some “revenge” or “phase 2” and Cooper’s been ok until now. Suddenly he’s freaking out. Why hasn’t he been freaked out for 4 years and in the nuthouse by now?

    • Because Cooper doesn’t know about Phase 2, and for whatever reason he’s only just now realizing that it’s a little odd that the past several audits have been good instead of the usual not so good.

  5. Maybe the plan is to make Cooper paranoid about the plan, until he decides that the plan was just to make him paranoid, then spring the ACTUAL plan once Cooper has decided that nothing is actually coming…

  6. I’m pretty sure Sanzen is a red herring here, and the real culprit is that it’s WAAAAAY easier to steal from Delmans than their store. Considering their staff is probably worked to death and hates their job, they’d be less inclined to attempt to prevent shop lifting.

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