26 thoughts on “August 21, 2017

  1. Interesting. Norman doesn’t have a tag. Not today, nor in the past when he was identified by name. (June 13/21, 2014)

    • It certainly seems like a plotline a writer might get excited about, but a reader wouldn’t.

      Especially for a daily strip about the struggles of working retail. This is way too long at this point, in my dumb opinion.

      • I just feel like saying that I totally disagree about the story arcs. I like them. They’re one of the things that really makes this comic stand out to me among all the other syndicated strips. I feel they keep it fresh. Something I personally find there isn’t a whole lot of in the syndicated news paper comics section… most of which just bores me to tears.

  2. It’s actually refreshing to see something different from the usual plotline, and this arc is quite interesting. I don’t understand why some users have to be so rude!

    • True. If they don’t like it, they can stop coming here and start harassing another comic strip. Things don’t always have to go along with how they want it to be. They can try starting their own comic strip if they think they can do better. But no one is going to put it in a newspaper for them.

    • I think it is more of a “get on with it already” with regards to finishing the phase 2 plotline so we can get back to the normal stuff.

      • Ah spare me the theatrics. “Finish this nonsense” “Abandon plotline, it’s stupid” These are not opinions. That’s rudeness. Learn to express yourself in a civil manner next time, without sounding like Dudly Dursley, lol.

        • Except you’re responding to someone who said none of those things. Which strikes me as quite rude.

          And based on the comment, it isn’t clear that the poster agrees with that sentiment. Instead of just clarifying it.

          And they *are* opinions, if not necessarily expressed in as civil a manner as they could be. Denying that they are opinions is also rather rude.

  3. Hey, it’s Igor! I mean Norm. I’m enjoying this plot line too, but I hope once it’s been finished it’s finished for good and we hear no more about Sanzen and phase 2 etc.

    • He, who was fired and carried away by mall security, complains about Cooper being at his door to corporate?

      I take everything back, you people deserve a stupid plot. You really need one you can “follow”.

      • Pretty sure you can complain to corporate about a worker without working for Grumbel’s, like many clients do… Looks like someone needs to stop calling other people stupid, before someone points out the painfully obvious…

    • Cooper is on his own time, nothing he does here is against company rules. Depending on how much he pushes things from here it can be harassment but that is a legal issue not a company policy one.

  4. All this disparaging negativity about the current story arc. I just want to add my two cents to say that I really like this stuff… I feel it keeps things from turning into a bland boring repetitive thing. The never changing one-off gag strips that take up most of the funny section in the paper is the reason I don’t really follow many syndicated comics.

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