34 thoughts on “August 22, 2017

  1. Haven’t heard that word before. Aboretum? Had to google and see some pictures. This storyline is getting interesting. What IS Sanzen up to? lol

  2. I would have no idea what an arboretum was if I hadn’t seen “The Big Sleep”. Detective Marlowe’s client in the movie summoned him to his at the start of the movie.

  3. I also must ask: What if – surprise – Cooper has the wrong Sanzen? The henchman here is the caricature of Norm, yes, but that’s precisely why he could be a red herring. What makes me curious is that picture on the wall.

    • Yep, I was thinking the same thing. After all Cooper does seem continually surprised at the swankiness of Sanzens place. Could be a foreshadow.

      • Second thought: maybe our Sanzen has legally changed his name and thus Crystal’s DMV friend was looking at the wrong info.

        • The door was answered by Sanzen’s gofer that he had during the inventory count that he ran. It is Sanzen’s house. By the way Norman is suppose to be a selfie of Norm.

          • Servants can change positions and start working for someone else. Or maybe this Sanzen is actually Keith’s dad. I’m curious to see where Norm takes this.

  4. What if… Sanzen has somehow… become a Grumble’s ‘office worker’ (forget the exact term I was intending to use. High up, but not high enough that his hiring made local Grumbles news.) As we’ve seen in other strips, they are paid VERY well, unfairly well, and it would give him the opportunity to mess up things across all of Grumbles to his desire.

      • Middle managers don’t pay that well. Upper management might – and the announcement could have easily been missed. That is if there was an announcement.

    • After how he was fired? Impossible.

      Plus, not even middle management makes that kind of money.

      The whole plotline is absurd and stupid.

      • I doubt if corporate would know about it if he applied to them and didn’t list the fact he used to work for them. ….
        Wild thought: What if he’s working for Dilmans? That would keep the RETAIL universe small with ongoing possibilities.

        Wilder thought: what if he inherited Dilman’s? That would explain the old picture on the wall.

        • That would not explain why he was living in poverty before. Poor people don’t inherit, it’s one of the rich people lies. Rich people inherit from other rich people.

    • In his mind, but he was never that “super” in his prior attempts. That’s what lead to his downfall – twice.

  5. Each day we get closer and closer to the end of this silliness and closer and closer to getting back to the RETAIL we know and love.

    • “I’d like to take a moment to give a big shout out to Keith Sanzen, the winner of a small contest I ran on Cooper’s Retail Blog about 6 weeks ago. He is a real person who won a walk-on role in the strip that is running this week.”

    • Looks like Norm didn’t maintain the the “Coopersblog” registration. It now goes somewhere else. Time to remove those old links.

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