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    • Hi fellow Retail fans,

      I don’t recall Sanzen, though I feel like I have been reading this comic for years and years. Would someone summarize for me what happened between them? Or, at least give me the approx dates when he was on the strip so I can read the archives?? 😀 Please? Thank you!

      • Short summary; Coop met with Sanzen online, S. was first an admirer of Coop’s blog, the he stole the blog’s idea and Coop’s fanbase by making a better blog. From this, S. became C.’s arch-nemesis. If I remember correctly, he was hired by Grumbels, tried to make C. get arrested for owning a bar lounge on the mall’s roof, but Coop (and Marla) framed him by saying it was Sanzen’s lounge, so he was arrested and claimed revenge. Then he became the boss of the inventory’s team and sabotaged their inventory counts some years prior. And that was just part 1. After a lot of waiting apparently here’s part 2 of the evil master plan unfolding. We’ll wait and see.

        • Except he didn’t appear to sabotage their inventories. They’ve had amazing results every year since the first inventory he ran. Although the first year he did make Copper redo a bunch of backroom pre-counts.

    • let’s wait for the next three filler strips first.

      This is so slow paced, it’s unbelievable. Norm usually does not draw stuff out over multiple weeks.


        I want today
        I want tomorrow
        I want to wear ’em like braids in my hair
        And I don’t want to share ’em
        I want a party with room fulls of laughter
        Ten thousand tons of ice cream
        And if I don’t get the things I am after
        I’m going to scream!
        I want the works
        I want the whole works
        Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises
        Of all shapes and sizes
        And now
        Don’t care how
        I want it now!!!!!!!!

      • I agree that this arc is very slow compared to Norm’s norm. But that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it.

        I’m just hoping that, like usual, the reveal is worth the wait.

      • Honestly I’m still kind of expecting he’s from a rich family and either this is his father’s house, or he inherited it. His home situation was never directly addressed, but it was implied that he only got the job at Grumbel’s in the first place so he could write a retail blog like Cooper’s – not that he /needed/ the job in any way, but he was doing it for kicks. And he’s had this servant/butler dude since his inventory appearance at least (and that was a pretty nice chair even then). I would not be at all surprised to find out he’s always been rich, which is why he has the time/resources/etc. to even invest in a long-term revenge scheme like this, and is more worried about ‘getting revenge’ than he was concerned about, y’know, the arrest on his record or being banned from the mall or any of that.

        • Going back to the beginning, this was a “second job” for Keith – and it was to pay for the web hosting for his blog. So, I don’t think he had a ton of money, but wasn’t poor either. So, I’m thinking he’s “son of money” and the old man kicked the bucket. That would certainly explain the picture in the foyer. (It’s certainly not of this Keith – wrong era, wrong hair color.)

  1. I doubt Sanzen is just an employee, or Norm wouldn’t be calling him “sir.” He may be doing the pruning because he enjoys it. Now what are the “appropriate preparations”?

  2. Just a wild guess here, but could this be some wild dream of Cooper’s that ends up as a nightmare? Maybe it’s only happening in his subconscious mind? “Make the appropriate preparations” sounds like something said in a setting in a sci-fi horror film.

    • Sanzen is going to take Cooper to the extraction chamber and extract his will to live?

      Oh, no, wait–Cooper works retail. He’s immune.

    • I’m waiting for the time were the comments section will be devoid of people complaining about this ark, honestly. Just take a week’s pause and then come back to see if the ark has changed!

  3. I see the near future as going one of two ways: Either Kieth learns his plan missed it’s target (hit the wrong store), or now he’s got Cooper where he wants him and will blackmail him somehow.

    The idea of this being a dream is attractive, but I’d think Norm would have left a clue somewhere if that was the case.

    • That and… when was the last time Norm did a dream? I don’t seem to recall any in the last five years. I know before that, there was a Sunday strip where Stuart admitted he was a jerk but then unicorns appeared. And before that, there was the Halloween costume sequence where everyone was suddenly cosplaying as Hideo Miyazaki characters or X-Men. But… I can’t seem to recall any more recent than those.

      I also wonder if Keith’s plan was to just make Cooper paranoid enough to show up at Sanzen Manor, where there’s some sort of trap.

      • I think there’s been a time or two he’s done a dream, but only for a few panels. It never spanned multiple strips/days

  4. I can’t help but think that he’s been embezzling from Grumbels somehow and Cooper and co are about to take the fall. 😛 HOW WILL COOPER FOIL THE DASTARDLY PLAN?!?

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