14 thoughts on “August 24, 2017

  1. gotta make sure you’re not bugged before gloating about your evil doings. Like getting bribed to make everyone’s inventory look good, helping people steal inventory. Thats my guess on how he’s been doing so well.

    • My first thought was checking for weapons, but your right, that looks more like a device to check for bugs.

      I doubt if Sanzen could get very rich off of bribes from retail workers. They don’t make enough. Far more money in hijacking the inventory and selling it.

        • Individually no, but a couple hundred stores could easily add up and if hes got people working for him in other states it could be a very profitable racket.

      • Technically, it looks like the detection device used by the Ghostbusters. (Hence Coopers remark about his “PKE readings”.)

    • Would a cellphone with the record tool running set off a bug detector? Seems a simple way to record something of the other party doesn’t think of telling you to leave your cellphone outside.

      • I don’t know enough to say “yes” or “no”. I’m sure several can pick up that you have a cell phone. Whither they can detect a recording in progress is another issue. If we’re talking NSA-class stuff, probably. Something off of eBay, probably not.

  2. Even real inventories don’t take this long.
    Summary: Coopper is suspicious the inventory numbers are being fudged. The person involved acts suspiciously.
    If this strip is aimed at criminal inverstigators, the speed is about right. If the readers are retail workers, it’s time to open another cash register. The line is moving too slowly.

  3. It’s pretty ironic that the people who were like “Ugh, can people shut up about Sanzen’s Revenge already?” are now complaining about this arc taking too long. While this one does seem to be taking longer than a normal arc for Norm, so what? It’s still enjoyable. Other people wanted this. Why are you acting like such customers?

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