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  1. You know, something occurred to me. When we first saw Norman years ago, he had a noticeable hunchback, making him look sort of like an Igor. Said hunchback is now gone, and tbh, I think it was gone as well when we saw him asking Sanzen at the end of that arc if he should activate Phase 2 and Sanzen telling him to wait.

    I’m now curious if they smuggled something into Grumbels and planted it somewhere.

    • I’d chalk that up to the evolution in the drawing. But what I didn’t think about: the presence of Norman, who calls Keith “Sir” as well as the nice chair indicates that Keith came into money before the inventory.

      I’m starting to think that this has *nothing* to do with revenge – it was all part of advancing his criminal enterprise. Keith just kept that store “good” because if the inventory was bad, they’d immediately suspect him and might expose what’s going on.

      The real question is what is Keith going to do to Cooper? Is he going to set him up for a fall? Blackmail him??

    • I got it. They placed a device that gives them remote access to the inventory computer. Using Coopers terminal and Stuarts login/password Sanzen has been manipulating the inventory at Marla’s store and the NH stores. If and when it comes crashing down it will be on Cooper.

      • Judging from all the retail stores I’ve worked at, 1) Cooper very likely does not have his own ‘terminal’ – though there may be a general ‘stockroom’ one, Donnie and Lunker would also use it along with occasionally other coworkers as needed – and 2) if this were going down like that, /Stuart/ would be the one on the line, because his login/password is being used. It’s why you never allow a coworker to use your login even if it’s on the register they’re assigned for the day – the responsibility falls on the person logged in, not the computer they used. I’ve heard anecdotes of this even causing trouble for people on days they didn’t work, because their login was used so clearly they must have been involved despite not being present.

        • When Sanzen tricked Cooper into that re-count (in the storeroom), the rest joined to help. That made Sanzen remark to Norman something about it working (everyone is out of the way) Whatever he was doing needed the gang where he could keep them busy. So, not Cooper’s terminal, I think.

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