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  1. Ugh I hate to admit it, but that is impressive of Sanzen. I’m still just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life since what I thought I wanted to go into I realized I didn’t.

    • No, it’s just completely made up.

      Name a single person that rose to top management of a huge corporation from nothing in three years through ambition alone.

      You can’t. Because that’s not how the world works.

      • That’s sadly true. Upward mobility of that scale is a thing of the past unless you’re related to someone in the higher echelons.

        • Um…yeah. Sure.

          Chris Gardner didn’t “rise to the top of a huge corporation from nothing in three years”. He worked for about 5 or 6 years as a stockbroker, then started his *own* small brokerage firm in 1987, which he then spent the next 30 years building.

          Sanzen may have built his own company (which may be revealed next week), but being an overnight success in business is extremely rare, and Garner was not an overnight success. It took years of hard work and high risk.

          If Sanzen actually rose within a company….yeah, 3 years is almost unbelievably fast. I work for an organization that’s very aggressive and organized in promoting and rewarding people, and leadership position tracks usually start after 3 years for somebody who starts at a lower level. In addition, a high school friend of mine started at Bombay Company as an summer employee, went full-time, became manager, and eventually got promoted to an executive. Took him nearly 10 years.

          This is a comic, not a documentary.

          • Thanks, that is almost literally the same assessment I would have written after reading into this Chris Gardner person for 10 minutes.

            Successful stock broker for half a decade is nowhere near a retail employee… he was probably a millionaire when he started his own firm.

          • Actually…he apparently had $10,000 in seed money from a bank loan and a single piece of furniture. And he used his apartment as the firm’s first office.

            By “small”, I meant small.

          • he invested 10k in the firm. If he walked away from five years of stock brokerage with only 10 grand, he’s not good at it.

            And if he had, he’s probably not the real life Sanzen you’re looking for.

        • >But, hey, I’m sure you march with fascists while screaming at free speech groups how they hate.

          LOL what a desperate attempt to drag politics into this.

    • Sanzen is right, though. Cooper is happy with a low skill/no skill position and hasn’t made much effort to get out of working the dead end job he’s had for many, many years.

      Ambition is a hell of a motivator

      • Sure, ambition is a great motivator, but for every ambitious person at the top, there are hundreds just as ambitious who never made it and never will. Ambition is *A* factor, but it’s not the only one. Opportunity, connections, luck, other personality traits, social standing, gender, race, wealth etc. all work into it too.

      • True. If Cooper had ambition, he’d know his chances of making it to AM would be nil as long as zucchini head was around and start looking for a job elsewhere. And it doesn’t have to be ambition as in moving up the ladder and more pay – it could be to find a job where he’s happier.

    • That happens to many people. I took a course in cosmetology when I was in high school. I could’ve just taken my state board exam and been a hairdresser right out of school but I didn’t want to spend my life on my feet dressing hair. I felt rotten about it since I wasn’t trained for anything else. But one day a couple years later I met up with a former classmate who had gone into hairdressing. Imagine my shock when I learned that I made more money than she did as a waitress working fewer hours! Both jobs are done on your feet but with waitressing there is a lot of walking instead of standing in one place. I felt much better after that.

      • I feel school in general is a waste of time. I spent 5 years in college getting a B.S. degree and when I got out I still was just entry level, not even able to get a job delivering donuts. Meanwhile my friend from high school skipped college, kept working at a grocery store and in that time moved up from the guy who cleans toilets and gathers carts in the parking lot, to cashier, to assistant manager, to being full time manager of his own store. He ended up with enough money to buy his own house while I had no job trying to pay back $100,000 in student loans.

        • >>>” and when I got out I still was just entry level”

          That’s usually exactly what a college degree will get you. A chance at an entry level job at a company. Something a high school diploma won’t get you.

          After 4 years of college, my first job was writing obits every morning for two years at a daily newspaper for $15,000 a year (it was a while ago, but still not enough to afford my own apartment). I went from editorial assistant, to a copy desk, to a catalog coordinator, to production assistant, to, finally, an associate editors job, which finally gave me enough salary to buy my own house. Only took me a decade to do that.

          The only thing a college degree will get you is an entry into the “professional” working world, where some post-secondary education is required to even be considered. Your friend found a career path that didn’t require one.

      • Haha, I’m pushing 60 and I still don’t know what I want to do. Perhaps it’s because there is something good and some things that suck about almost everything. Guess I’m still trying to figure out which has the most suckiness.. (I work retail now as a Supervisor but boy, had I known then what I know now, I would never have started in this industry).

  2. Going to go ahead and call it.

    Sanzen’s screwed.

    Cooper himself realized that regardless that Sanzen gave a good report on their store, it was wildly inaccurate. Sanzen probably got catapulted to his prestigious position by falsifying his counts.

    I’m wagering Sanzen gets fired with a bad reference and winds up right where he was before- fuming with rage and swearing vengeance.

  3. Anybody else catching that “When I tell you to hate your own guts to the point of self-destruction, you damn well DO IT if you know what’s good for ME!” vibe off of Sanzen?

  4. The Werefrog believe Sanzen had similar blackmail against the people at that new company like he had against Cooper with Cooper’s Lounge. However, he better gauged what he could get away with in using that than he did against Cooper.

  5. Ok, have they ever given us the words that EGRGIS stands for? That might give us a clue. Maybe back when we first saw Sanzen with the inventory crew.

    • It’s a play on the real company, RGIS, which stands for Retail Grocery Inventory Service. Generally pronounced “Regis” (like Regis Philbin), so the comic’s acronym would be pronounced “egregious.” (No idea if it stands for something in the comic’s world or if that’s the extent of the joke.)

  6. Ambition is a good merit to have. some use it to their adventage,where as others use it to abuse their fellow workers. I know of people that have worked at wallyworld for 35 years,and stayed in one dept. I have also saw people start at the bottem and make it to executive level in as little as 5 years. Bottem line is ,no matter what your education,if you don’t have common sense you ain’t going no where. I have a High school diploma,no college,never set foot in one,nor did I ever want to. But the last 20 years of my career I have been General Management.

  7. I have ambition as well, but it’s not the traditional, “I want to run the company and have a fancy title.”

    It’s more like, “I want to make a shit-ton of money doing something I love without having to be a manager, a salesman or an employee.”

    Why does “ambition” always have to mean “I want to be the boss?”

    • At the lower end, yes. I’m sure he could make audit supervisor in no time flat. But it seems odd that the upper end management would turn over that much. Especially given the pay level that seems to come with it.

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