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  1. Ohhh we just might finally have The Sanzen revenge or Phase II. Looks like he has been manipulating the numbers to show less shrink for the past three audits and finally all the accumulated actual shrink is going to show up at once (with the intent to look like it had occurred in just the past year) and thus the Stock Supervisor will take the blame (plus of course collateral damage).

    • Why wait so long, though? Cooper’s been stock supervisor long enough he could’ve just screwed up the initial audit they did, or the following year, and gotten him in a tough spot.

      The only reason I can think of for waiting multiple years is to get a /really/ big discrepancy on a /lot/ of items, something that’ll probably get /everyone/ in trouble. Everyone except possibly Crystal, it depends whether this being her first audit means she hasn’t been there long enough to take the blame, or that she’s a convenient newbie scapegoat.

      I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, Cooper’s actually caught it in time and this wasn’t the year the trap was going to be sprung, allowing them to do something about it. If not, I have concerns about where this might end up!

    • That was my guess back when Phase 2 was announced. From Cooper’s expression, I think a light has suddenly come on. He always suspected there was more. I’m still fuzzy on the details – like why Keith claimed there was no pre-count? Was it a distraction, or was it his intent to somehow make the shrinkage to all appear to come from the stock room.

      Either way, I’m thinking Lunker’s skill at counting may save him. It’s possible Crystal might play a role, but I’m not sure how.

    • Gonzo,
      Not even God Almighty himself could pull off the revenge plan you describe. It comes under the heading of “can God make a rock so heavy he cannot lift it”.
      Inventory is hard high stress boring work, doesn’t pay well and has high staff turnover. Inventory crews are generally hired through temp agencies Sanzen was just a crew leader. He goes where he is sent, not where he chooses to go. His job won’t allow him to carry out the kind of nefarious grand scheme you describe. And besides, unless God really hates him, Sanzen found a better job and is long gone.

      • Sanzen’s Revenge would apply even if he’s found a better job. Sanzen’s goal would have been to give them a good one so the next one would be abysmal no matter who the supervisor was.

      • Not to be too critical here but this is a Comic Strip not real life. Keith Sanzen could stay a part of the Audit team for the remainder of the strip and can torment Grumbles every year.

      • In real life, RGIS has districts, and each district has a handful of supervisors. Since each company has slightly different counting requirements, it’s normal to get the same supervisor year after year because they’re familiar with the company’s requirements and do all of the stores for the company in that district (RGIS district). I’ve had the same RGIS supervisor for 6 years straight.

    • Over the course of a couple years, so many SKUs will have come and gone that doing what you propose will be impossible.

  2. A really big tilt should have warning signs. Not just from the pre-counts, but from problems finding things the computer thinks are in stock.
    Even so… uh-oh

    • Well, there was a remote control button that was part of Phase II. Perhaps something was done to the computer?

    • AMEN. I am so sick of hearing about this. I doubt it will ever happen because it’s very possible Norm just abandoned the story concept and let it go. How many readers even remember it? The only reason I do is because the commenters here won’t let it die.

      • laridian,
        “Retail” is funny because it’s close enough to reality to be funny rather than merely ridiculous. Speculations about “Sanzen’s Revenge” are far more typical of Mexican soap operas (there were two American “Mexican soap operas”—“Ugly Betty” and “Devious Maids”—and as utterly ludicrous as these were, they didn’t come close to the Mexican version) than an American comic strip.

        • There’s a reason I started saying Norm would delay “The Sanzen’s Revenge” a month every time someone mentioned it: I was sick of people mentioning it. I never did, except when I was mocking it.

          Honestly, this is the first time there’s a legit chance, and I think Cooper is smart enough to have realized it. Would not surprise me if tomorrow’s strip was Cooper telling Marla that Sanzen might be manipulating audit results so they all get fired when they suddenly have a really, really bad one.

    • How odd that you’re a fan that doesn’t enjoy an artists folllowers. This sort of long memory for a plot line is a level of loyalty that most webcomics never see.

      Learn to let people enjoy things, even things you don’t. Your life quality will improve

      • Umm, ok, Slow Blink. You can get off your soapbox.

        I enjoy most of the comments and read them daily. I recognize many commentators: Board Worker, Andy, Jackie, and The Old Wolf, to name a few, and actively wonder what their input will be to the days comic. They’ve been just as much a part of my daily life for the past 3 years as the strip itself.

        Just because I don’t like one aspect of the comics comments doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate its fan base. I never cared for the Sanzen storyline and just grow tired of hearing about it. Not everything in life is rainbows and puppy dogs.

  3. ITT:

    people going Sanzen Revenge, like they do every single new plot arc, every time, always wrong, but when he finally reappears everyone “called it”….

    • Either Cooper’s just had the idea to re-implement his roof lounge or he finally figured out Keith’s master plan to go through the roof, with the fake security cameras. Cooper will take the fall for having taken down “real” security cameras or the inventory will be off because Keith came through the roof, past the fake security cameras to mess with the inventory.

  4. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Cooper and Crystal together. Unless I’m forgetting something, we’ve not had a chance to see what Cooper thinks of the kooky new girl.

  5. Thought: (I have one now and then. 🙂 ) What if what happened in the NH store is somehow related? It could be tangential (Stuart assumes same game/different players – uhhh, why did Marla say “keep her job” a few days ago??) Or perhaps it’s directly related (Keith manipulating the stock.) Remember, it took some time for the investigation to take place. What you’d expect for something really odd.

    Long, long shot: Once the Keith’s plot is exposed, the management of the NH store gets their job back and we have “return of Brice”.

  6. Maybe Phase 2 is just the revelation that the system was tampered with in the first place. Thats the kind of stuff that can destroy careers.

  7. Don’t forget that Cooper had Keith arrested, fired and banned from the Mall for 5 years. The Sanzen revenge would be an attempt to do the same. So not only would he fix the audits so that you get the one bad one BUT he also has to implicate Cooper at the same time in an attempt to get him arrested which is where that remote might comes into play.

    Now “of course” Cooper and the gang is going to foil Keith plan in the end. We just need to see how it is going to play out.

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