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  1. So wait, Sanzen manipulates the inventory of ERGIS clients to make them look good, which in turn allows him to climb the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, Cooper “knows” that the inventory at his store is off kilter, and possibly others (maybe the New Jersey store was off as well, and the firings weren’t justified after all).

    So what now? Sanzen’s plan is known by Cooper. Cooper can’t exactly sit on this info, even if it makes him look good. And Keith can’t exactly allow Cooper to walk out knowing this discrepancy. And if Cooper tells Stuart…..okay, maybe Zucchini Head will think Cooper is pranking him and dismiss it. But what now?

    • It sure sounds like Sanzen’s wealth is more than being a senior VP.

      I’m wondering if the NH firings was because EGRGIS lost that job – and so the store got an accurate count?

      • If EGRGIS lost the NH store, they wouldn’t have been allowed to work any other Grumbel’s store. Generally, when a national inventory company bids on a store, it’s for the whole chain. If they weren’t allowed to do NH anymore, they wouldn’t have been allowed to do any other either. (Not always, but usually.)

        • I’ll take that “not always”. It might be someone underbid them, or perhaps the head shed is getting suspicious and trying out a competitor.

      • So I guess the fact that Keith spent close to a decade scheming and plotting against Cooper and his friends doesn’t count … ?

        • He’s paid a psychic to get the address from the DMV; then he showed up at the house? That’s “call 911” levels of stalking.

          What’s Sanzeon done, exactly? You don’t know.

          • Sanzen has spent years manipulating Cooper. Cooper paid someone *once* to find Sanzen, so he could go see him. Face to face. How is that stalking? Stalking requires repetition and unwanted attention (no, not a textbook definition). Sanzen set this up.

            And in what reality, even a comic strip one, does that even *begin* to compare?

  2. So Sanzen receives multiple promotions in just a couple of years with an inventory company and reaches a corporate VP level and their headquarters just happen to be in the same city as Cooper’s Grumbels? And then Sanzen risks his “wealth and fame” by manipulating inventory counts? When does Cooper wake up from his dream?

  3. Well now I’m totally confused. Sanzen works for the inventory company right? He doesn’t own it. So he manipulates the counts of stores like Grumbel’s for his own purposes. Maybe he’s responsible for the shake up in New Hampshire in which many were supposedly embezzling money and were fired. And he’s keeping the inventory counts good at Cooper’s store. If he doesn’t own the company how can he get away with this, isn’t this illegal besides being dishonest?

    • The people who run the company aren’t involved in day to day inventory counts. I’m sure Sanzen has override ability to correct count errors. I’d also be willing to to bet Egregis Inventory doesn’t have the best internal auditing system.

    • I agree that to manipulate the counts just to get back at Cooper doesn’t make much sense. I’m thinking he manipulates the counts to cover thefts from inventory.

  4. So wait. The plan is to make the counts look good for Cooper so he will be employed at Grumbels forever? As opposed to letting the normal counts stand so Cooper will get fired and be a homeless bum on the streets? This still sounds lame Sanzen.

    • No, I think Sanzen has enough respect for Cooper to know that if he gets fired that he’ll get his butt in gear and go find a good (non-retail) job. Getting fired could be the best thing that happens to him.

      • This seems like the plot to me. Make the store look good, so people like Marla and Cooper never get fired and suffer a lifetime of indentured servitude.

  5. I agree with everybody who has been saying that this is lame.

    The last time we saw Keith, back in 2014, he was sitting in an armchair in a darkened room, poised like a James Bond villain, telling his minion that he would let his enemies lull themselves into a false sense of security, and when the time was right, he would spring the trap and his revenge on Cooper would be COMPLETE!

    Then we were left waiting for three long years before Sanzen finally returns to execute his fiendish plan, and …

    … and what?

    So, this is IT? Sanzen’s fiendish master plan was to keep Cooper employed where he is? And have nothing happen to him at all?

    What, so Sanzen can rub it in Cooper’s face that he’s successful and Cooper isn’t? OOOOH, that’s the stuff of evil master villains! /sarcasm

    Have you ever read “The Count of Monte Cristo”? By the time Edmond Dantes was finished with the three men who had him unjustly imprisoned, one of the men was dead, one was in a mental institution, and one just barely escaped with his life and a pittance of money, having lost his family, reputation, and enormous wealth. Now, THAT is revenge.

    Look, I don’t expect duels to the death in a comic strip, but after all this buildup … There HAS to be something more to Sanzen’s revenge than this.

    • I’m still kinda waiting for his dad (Keith Sr.) to come out and reveal that he’s the real rich VP and Jr. is just a mooch pretending he owns the place.

    • It’s only Wednesday. I’m pretty sure there’s more. 😉

      And I don’t think Keith is dumb enough to give away everything to Cooper, evil genius clichés not withstanding.

  6. If you re-read the comic, Sanzen said he could make phony complaints or “ALLOW an ACCURATE accounting of the inventory”. Keywords: allow and accurate.

    IOW, Sanzen didn’t monkey with the inventory counts. Instead, he let the ALREADY ACCURATE inventory accounting remain. Cooper’s store is doing okay.

    The question now is: will the inventory counting be okay this year, or will there be a drop because of theft? ** Shoplifting or employee
    ** Inventory never rec’d but supposedly shipped from the warehouse remember how Brice was shocked at how the store was blamed for not having something they supposedly received)
    ** Miscounts when the inventory was received

  7. It could also be, “You’ve only kept your job and promotion because I made you and your store look good. How does it feel to be indebted to me?”

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